Innovations on the Patio

Innovations on the Patio

The metal  garden furniture business may well be a conservative one but that doesn’t mean that we never have new exciting products coming through.  It is certainly true that fashions come and go – these days most outdoor dining sets are cast aluminium or rattan.  However, even so, there are innovations in our market and ways in which high end luxury products and designs filter down to the rest of us.

Take the example of the Kensington Fire and Ice Pit which has proved a hugely popular item for us this year.    This clever design combines a metal table top fire pit or grill with a metal garden table.  The fire pit can also be used as a central ice bucket.  It comes in either a dining option with the aluminium table at the right height for eating and garden chairs to go round it so you can play at Mongolian Barbecues to your heart’s content; or a relaxed option where the metal table top is at coffee table height and the aluminium chairs are of the lounging variety.

So how to improve on a good thing?  At the moment, you can get a gas fired table top fire pit but they are extremely pricey.  We’re working with our metal outdoor furniture manufacturers to see if we can bring a competitively priced version to market to complement our existing Greg Wallace range.  So if you are what’s known in marketing speak, as an early adaptor, and want to go one better than the neighbours, watch this space … we may have just the product for you in the spring.


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