January Gardening Jobs

January Gardening  Jobs

At metal garden furniture HQ, we’re relatively relaxed this month – getting ready for spring and the season ahead.   It’s a good time to catch up on all those January gardening jobs that fall by the wayside once the growing (and, for us, selling) season is in full spate!

By now, your metal outdoor furniture will be safely stored out of harm’s way.  It is worth checking, however, that the parasol and cushions haven’t been attacked by mice.  January is a month of gale force winds, so if you haven’t yet stored your rattan patio furniture, it is still worth while doing so.  Our site has lots of useful tips on how to care for the specifics, be it metal garden furniture, rattan or wood, so I won’t waste time here on that.

Here are our thoughts on January gardening jobs:


This is the ideal time to wash pots and seed trays ready for re-use.  On a bright day, have a clear out of the shed and check that tools are sharp and in working order.  Send the mower for a service (or do it yourself if you feel confident cleaning the air filter, spark plug and changing the oil).

It’s also a great time to plant deciduous hedging.


If we do have serious snow falls, brush or shake it off shrubs and trees before it can freeze.  The weight of frozen snow on a branch may break it.  Pop a ball into the garden pond to ensure that there is always an ice-free area on the surface to ensure the fish survive.

Check up on any staked trees to ensure that the ties are firm enough.  We’ve had a lot of strong winds and these can loosen thereby losing their effectiveness.

Aerate the lawn to prevent it from becoming waterlogged.

January Gardening Jobs  – Pruning

Cut back overgrown deciduous hedges.   Aim for a shape that is wider at the bottom than the top which will permit light to reach the lower part of the plant more easily.   Remove any perennial weeds from the soil around the base.   This is also a good time to cut back overgrown laurel.   While you are at it, prune and train any ornamental vines, and cut back vigorous climbers such as wisteria.


Look after the birds at this time – provide bird food and equally importantly, a source of water for them to drink and  bathe in.

January Gardening Jobs  – Perennial Problems

Yes, it might seem unfair, but some perennial weeds are still at it.  It’s far easier to whip these out now while not much else is growing so don’t leave them in the ground.  Remove piles of damp leaves from the crowns of plants so they don’t rot.

January Gardening Jobs  – Produce

You can chit early potatoes this month and sow early crops under cover.    If you have rhubarb, now’s the time to force some by covering it with a forcing pot or bucket.

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