Jardine Leisure – Cast Aluminium British Garden Furniture

Jardine Leisure

Jardine Leisure cast aluminium is a British manufacturing facility generating superb garden chairs and also tables with aluminium. They utilize their classic Victorian furnishings and also a wide variety of powder layered colours in tandem with an option of all weather soft furnishings. They make a Victorian outdoor utopia for all clients, hotels, bars and also renowned dining establishments.

Jardine Leisure disperses throughout the earth and their strong aluminium furnishings have actually been positioned in the leading end of the building profile. Jardine Leisure aluminium furnishings will gladly stay outdoors in all feasible climate extremes, from chilly, damp, warm, deep winter or stormy conditions; it matters not, the aluminium will certainly not break down!

You will never regret buying Jardine Aluminium Furniture.

Jardine has at least 40 years experience of making furnishings for third party developers as well as the trade side of the garden industry.

Dealing with designers and trade gardeners they make furniture for everywhere that needs no treatment or maintenance.

Projects vary in size from one little set for a client’s apartment or condo terrace, to supplying furniture for all the exterior locations in one of the globe’s grandest estates. Each task they embark on is special, furniture can be matched to any colour scheme as well as all soft home furnishings can be made with consumers very own material.

Jardine Leisure – Contract Market

Jardine have worked with some terrific hotels for many years, supplying aluminium furniture for exterior eating as well as occasional seating areas that is robust, durable as well as needs no upkeep. The aluminium furniture is especially suitable for water settings, both inside as well as out, but likewise works well in dining establishments, sun-rooms and also even indoor locations.

For additional information as well as quotes on tasks of any size please call Jardine Leisure or email them.

Jardine Leisure have actually been creating fine quality balustrades as well as fabricated aluminium furniture from their Lancashire factory since the early 1970s. Their components originate from factories where just the greatest grade aluminium alloys are made use of when manufacturing.

Jardine Leisure – Made In England

Aluminium is the perfect product for all-weather furniture. Iron benches, tables and chairs have been utilized in the English garden since the 18th century. Tables as well as chairs were originally ferrous cast, yet during the 60s the availability of aluminium revolutionised outdoor furniture production; this much more costly raw material came to be feasible.

When aluminium is effectively treated it does not have corrosion, it is far lighter compared to many other metals so seating products can be easily relocated however most significantly it calls for no upkeep to maintain it. This metal could be cast or fabricated so there is a substantial range of layouts that are available. Done the Jardine Leisure way, it will last generations.

Jardine Victorian garden furniture mostly specialises in reproducing timeless industrial revolution designs, originally produced from 1830 to 1920. They replicate Coalbrookdale furniture and also benches such as the Lilley of the Valley, Gothic and Nasturtium as well as the Christopher Dresser seats found in the Victorian & Albert Museum. They additionally replicate designs, specifically benches, from the well-known Val d’Osne manufacturer, started by Jean Victor circa 1820.


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