Know Your Metal Patio Sets

Know Your Metal Patio Sets – Know exactly what your garden set is made of. If possible, see how comfortable it is before buying it. If buying online, do some extra research, look at Customer Testimonials, reviews etc.

Being frugal isn’t always about saving money. It is also about spending that money smarter and not simply wasting it.

Therefore it is a false economy if you purchase cheap today and then end up paying more down the road.

For patio furniture in particular and furniture in general, it always makes sense to buy quality, well-made pieces that are long-lasting and weather-resistant.

Know Your Metal Patio Sets – Think About Price and Quality

This actually applies to any purchase, be it a new pair of shoes or a new car, you have to consider two factors in the buying process – price and quality.

If you don’t really care about the item, cheap might be a good option or if there items of some quality, buying at a cheaper price. Cheap things don’t always equate to poor quality.

But, having been in this metal garden furniture industry for a while, it is very rare to come across cheap aluminium patio sets of good quality. You mostly get what you pay for.

Know Your Metal Patio Sets – Does Cheap Mean Rubbish?

There is a reason why cheap metal patio sets are cheap. I can almost guarantee they will not be comfortable and they will be made from cheap materials that will not stand up to the elements.

If you don’t plan on using it much or sitting in them for extended periods, then a cheap, disposable monkey metal furniture set might be a better option compared to a quality, long-lasting Outside Edge Garden Furniture set.

I always found that going with quality, long-lasting, classically styled aluminium pieces that are designed to last at least 10 years (look for a 10 year guarantee), with little maintenance are the best options.

Know Your Metal Patio Sets – Cast Aluminium Is The Best Choice

Cast aluminium garden furniture sets come with chairs and a table and extra pieces are available like cushions, parasol and parasol bases. The sets seat anywhere from 2 to 16 people and will depend on the table size and how many seats are included.

Glass tops and other materials are included with some metal tables. Once you know the number of seats you need and how much room you have, you can then purchase the garden furniture set accordingly. Before the purchase, you should also finalize the design and if you need any extra features.

All of our products are available for viewing at our online store. You can also visit our Outside Edge store to have a look at our product line and any of our professional team will be happy to answer any questions you might have to ensure you get the perfect cast aluminium furniture for your patio or garden.



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