Will Your Patio Accommodate A Large Outdoor Metal Dining Set?

Will Your Patio Accommodate A Large Outdoor Metal Dining Set?

In the UK, a ‘safe’ size for a patio as described by expert house builders averages 3m square in size. With this size, you can throw in a 4-seater comfortably and still have enough space for other things to fit in or if you’re someone who can work out different ways to handle your space, setting up a metal outdoor dining 6-seater set should be easy for you.

Generally, it seems that a property of 3 or 4 bedrooms usually blends well with a patio this size, such that the patio doesn’t come off as being the main attraction of the garden. During summer, you and your family will find a good patio to be that practical space in your garden that’s useful, beautiful and stands out as its focal part. However, you can always choose to go bigger if you plan on restyling your existing patio or you’re building a new one. In any case, you need to ask yourself a few important questions, like “do I really need a new patio?”, “will it suit the needs of the house?”, and “in what position would it best suit my needs for privacy without bothering the neighbours?”

Will Your Patio Accommodate A Large Outdoor Metal Dining Set?

If your property can allow for a large space to build a patio, then you should go for something big, especially if you are someone who likes to host friends and family. For some of us, gardening isn’t what we love to do, so my suggestion is that you have the entire plot paved or cobbled. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have said the same, but I actually had my plot paved recently and I’m enjoying my decision. Maintaining my garden is much easier and everything still looks colourful, with plants hanging in baskets and seated in containers, moving or changing things can be done easily if need be.

Now I don’t have weekly trimmings to worry about or friends coming around and damaging the grass when we are having a BBQ or something else. There is so much flexibility to everything now.

Will Your Patio Accommodate A Large Outdoor Metal Dining Set? What outdoor dining set is the right size for you?

So maybe you’re not into my kind of thing, and that you love greenery you can step on more than I do. Well, I know there are some out there that can’t have the whole lawn taken away, so this should be about working out a balance in having the best both worlds. The way you manage outdoor space will help you find the balance between landscaping and your lawn. As a homeowner, you may find the need to entertain larger groups on your patio occasionally.

Will Your Patio Accommodate A Large Outdoor Metal Dining Set?

So having that bit of extra space that a big patio will provide can be a big plus on such occasions even though we know that regular use means you’ll be having just 2 to 5 people at a time. The cherry on the cake would be you being able to accommodate a large group on an outdoor dining set.

Hold on, now I know buying a 10+-seater set is only a click away on Outside Edge Garden furniture, but you need to decide if you need something as big as that and if your patio has enough room for it.

Think about what really matters, do you know how the patio needs to serve you and your family? Are there a particular number of people you’d fancy the seats to accommodate at any time? Your needs for metal patio furniture will be clearer when you can answer these questions. If you’re having the odd couple over for just another meal outside once in a while, would it be sufficient to have a 4 or 6 seater? How about going for an outdoor sofa or a bistro set if it’s for that sunny weekend you’d like to enjoy coffee with your mate?

Will Your Patio Accommodate A Large Outdoor Metal Dining Set?

Having a coffee table with a 2 seater outdoor sofa, or 4 aluminium seater set and a bistro table will do the trick if having space for a few people is all you want. You’ll have room for a few planters, BBQ, etc., and have guests in your small 3m square patio sitting comfortably and enjoying themselves. You may find yourself struggling to fit it all in if you go for an metal outdoor set that’s bigger. And I know what I mean when I say it’s best you don’t find out how awkward it looks to have half your aluminium furniture on the patio and the other half off of it.


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