Lazy Gardener Tips

Lazy Gardener Tips 

I’ve come across some cracking tips for lazy gardeners – but first and foremost, I’d recommend you get yourself plenty of garden seating.  For real low maintenance, you want cast aluminium patio furniture – it’ll only need a hose down occasionally, and can stay out in all weathers.  The only drawback with a metal garden chair is that it might be cold on the bum when you’re stopping for a quick cuppa, so that’s where your aluminium garden furniture or wooden bench comes in.  I’d always opt for teak since properly matured teak can live happily outside in our climate and won’t need oiling.  I for one, as a fully paid-up member of the Lazy Gardener’s Club, prefer it au naturel aging to grey silver.  And I’m not being entirely facetious.  The best way to appreciate your garden is by being in it, and taking the time to sit and reflect.  Hence the need for some carefully placed garden chairs.

Now to the horticultural bit – or not

The web is awash (and even our blog’s got a few posts) with ideas for climbers and ways to dress the patio, but if you really want instant impact, you could check out Fake Flower Manufacturer Bloom’s false ivy.  It comes on an expandable trellis which can be easily staked into the ground or hung as a wall covering.  As with all Bloom’s products, the ivy is very realistic and will look good throughout the year.  Ideal for those barren spots – my particular problem area being the oil tank, shaded by a big tree.

Ways to avoid weeding

The obvious way forward for the labour-free gardener is to go for container gardening.  There are as many neat ideas to help you do this as there are containers but I recently came across a friend who was using pallets as effective veg planters.  She’d stapled garden cloth to the underside, and then filled the pallets with compost before planting them up with lettuces and herbs.    The only thing you need to be aware of is that some pallets have been pressure treated and may contain harmful chemicals, so go for a plain one.


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