Maintain Your Garden Patio – how to maintain your outdoor space, to keep it attractive and safe.

Maintain Your Garden Patio

How do you maintain your garden patio? Here are a few things that can improve our back gardens and backyards.

Clean Anything That Does Not Move!

Start by cleaning the patio and your metal garden furniture. Sweep off the dirt, dead leaves and twigs, remove the weeds and any other unwanted vegetation. To get rid of the algae you could scrub the surface of the patio with a brush and a touch of detergent. If you have caramel paving, wooden decking, a slate or a marble patio, a more efficient way of doing that is to use a hose downer – it will make your patio look squeaky clean and brand new. Also the slippery patio surface will disappear.

Brick Patio

If you have a brick patio, you will have to do the cleaning manually as hose downing is not suitable to maintain your garden patio. Brick patios are more labour intensive due to the porous nature of the brick. They need sweeping regularly to stop weeds and moss growing between the crevices. Decaying vegetation can discolour the bricks and generally alter the colour of your patio.

Once a year, distribute a thin layer of sand on top of a brick patio and push into the gaps between the bricks with a broom or brush. This will replenish the sand between the bricks and prevent excessive water seeping beneath the surface. Water causes brick fissures when the temperature drops below freezing, this will make your patio area uneven and eventually the bricks will start to crumble.

Planting To Maintain Your Garden Patio

Once you’re done the cleaning and you have a bare canvas you can start thinking about the patio ascetics and the planting.

You could replace any plastic plant pots or containers with ceramic and terracotta pots, which look and feel better. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours and they give a more natural look to your garden.

A product that might augment and bring another dimension to your patio or garden is rattan outdoor furniture. Why not invest in good quality, low maintenance  patio furniture that will last you for years. The type of outdoor tables and chairs that meet this requirement is metal garden furniture.

Unlike wooden furniture, it does not rot and the advantage over any iron furniture is that it does not rust. Also aluminium is considerably lighter than most metals.

It doesn’t even need any storage or covering over in bad weather or in the winter. Consequently, the time you need to spend caring for this kind of furniture tends to be almost zero, just occasionally remove moss and slime with a hose downer.

So upgrade you outdoor space now and maintain your garden patio. This will enable you to enjoy the company of your family and friends over a cool drink in the summertime!

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