Metal Dining Garden Furniture And Patio Size

What Size Of Metal Dining Garden Furniture Should You Buy?

This is how to figure out the size and proportion of your metal dining garden furniture to the dimensions of your patio.

The size and scale of your garden furniture will ultimately be determined by the architectural dimensions of the space.

The patio proportions are determined not just by the square footage, but by the property size including the garden along with any windows or doors that open onto the patio etc.

The patio and home have an important relationship. This is what will drive the flow of traffic and the aesthetic balance of the property.

Any doors that open onto the patio can become the focal point, similar to a living room fireplace.

Perhaps the large BBQ could be the focal point. This will be the starting point when choosing the scale and size of your metal dining garden furniture.

Maybe the patio furniture set could become the focal point, and then you scale down from there. How you plan to use the patio will also play an important role in the scale of the furniture.

How do you plan to use the patio? Is it going to be a BBQ space that has a more formal dining setting? Maybe it will be just for sitting and appreciating your garden?

Size Of Metal Dining Garden Furniture Matters

The metal garden dining set is your final decision for your patio furniture and it will probably be the biggest piece on the patio.

It will overwhelm your patio if it is too big and gives a cramped feeling and difficult to manoeuvre.

Forcing big furniture into small patio is a bad idea. There has to be enough space for people to flow freely.

Too small is no good either. You will end up trying to fill the voids with more furniture or planters.

Good patio design comes down to proportion and scale which are the most challenging aspects. There are a number of considerations in any design, but the scale and proportions have the greatest impact on the functionality of the space.

Keep in mind there isn’t a right or wrong answer with regards to scale and proportion, but they will have a huge impact on how your patio and garden looks and feels.

Don’t waste your money, give it some good thought before your final purchase and never buy metal dining garden furniture that won’t function in the allotted space.

The decision on which set to buy will depend on you area and how many guests you want to entertain; be it bistro sets, 4 seat dining sets, 6 seater round metal sets or even larger garden sets that will take 8 people or more.



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