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Metal Extending Table With 10+ Chairs Proves Garden Furniture Size Does Matter!

Our aluminium tables are made in China and due to the coronavirus outbreak our extending aluminium tables are not being produced for the 2020 season. 

A couple of our latest blog posts addressed how to measure and purchase the right size metal extending table with 10+ chairs set for your space. I want to take a slight different look at it this here.

Perhaps think of the patio as a whole space in 3D and not only as garden chairs and tables.

The important things to keep in mind are scale and proportion. How will the things on your patio look next to one another? Do they fit and function properly in the patio area? These are some questions you should ask about making the best use of the available space.

The patio space has to flow and it should be simple for people to get around. But most people want a number of different pieces like planters, tables, BBQ or metal garden chairs.

It will look cramped with too many pieces and if you don’t have enough elements it will look uninviting and unfinished.

Using the proper scale and proportion when designing and decorating your patio is one lesson I learned the hard way over the years when designing my own garden and decorating for photo shoots for Outside Edge.

You can reach a harmonic state if you pay close attention to these details and your patio should not only be more inviting it will also be beautiful to look at.

The size of garden furniture plays a major role in that, the way it fits with respect to the patio overall as well as the items you use next to it.

What do I mean by scale and proportion with a metal extending table with 10+ chairs set?

Scale in garden design refers to how your patio looks visually compared to the wider outdoor space.

A garden and patio that are well designed, will have various items of different sizes to generate interest using items that fit together and attract the eye. If all the items on your patio is similar in size, it will be boring and nothing will stand out.

It is very important to vary the scale of items on your patio; however, balance is crucial for success. For example, a huge BBQ grill besides a small aluminium bistro is unacceptable. Select items of a similar scale and create the focal point with the right pieces. So a metal extending table with 10+ chairs will look so much better coupled with a large barbecue or big corner sofa set.

Brighten up your patio by layering it. The garden furniture set is probably going to be the biggest item on your patio and is a good starting point. From there vary the scale of the patio items down from that.

We have 3 extending sets that have 3 metal patio chairs to choose from. Our entry level metal extending table with 10+ chairs contains our Brompton chair at only £ 1799. If you would like heavier medium back metal chairs go for our 10 Knot chairs and extending table. The Venetian chair is our heaviest high back seat and as a 10 seater extending aluminium set is priced at £ 2199. If you wish to alter any of our metal extending table with 10+ chairs suites please contact us.


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