Metal Garden Furniture Cushions

Metal Garden Furniture Cushions

So you want some new outdoor furniture… Seems like the choices are endless – from the material – will it be rattan, wood or aluminium; to the size and shape of the set – are you looking for a circular patio set for six or an aluminium garden table for twelve?  But have you ever considered why there doesn’t seem to be as much choice when it comes to the padding?  Who dictates the limited range of cushion colours to choose from?

You Get What You Pay For

Cushions come in every quality.  Like everything, the more expensive, the more durable.  Perhaps you want a product that will be thrown away and replaced every season.  If so, the cheaper option may suit you.  Pay a decent sum for your cushions and you’ll get fabric that doesn’t fade or rot too quickly.  If you go for boxed and piped pads they will keep the shape and will be filled properly.  Consider removable covers if appearance is really important to you or you live with a houseful of dogs, cats or small children.

Limited Colour Palette

The fact is, we’re a conservative bunch – the same colours are perennially popular and metal garden furniture manufacturers have learned to give the public what they want.  The over-riding consideration is to find a tone that doesn’t jar with the natural world.

1980s & 1990s

In the 1980s, the craze was all for Racing Green and Navy.  These strong dark shades set off the ubiquitous white plastic patio furniture a treat.  These shades looked smart against the reddish conker colours of the colonial style chunky wooden furniture that followed.  The warm woods from South Africa and Australia, like Karri, glowed against a dark contrasting fabric and such a set soon became de rigueur.    The paler wood that followed, pine and teak, were a natural partner for that nineties favourite for the garden – terracotta.

What Works with Aluminium or Metal Garden Furniture

Now that people are choosing darker metal framed garden furniture, they are looking for a different sort of contrast in their cushion fabrics.  The first metal chairs were black or graphite grey, so cream and ecru cushions were an obvious choice.  Increasingly, aluminium outdoor furniture is enlivened with flecks of bronze, a look that harmonizes with caramel or beige.


The latest options in rattan, with their marled muted tones in greys and browns tend to look best with lighter cushions too and we find we sell more caramel coloured ones these days than anything else.

It’s all about showing your metal garden furniture off to its best advantage – same as it ever was.


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