Metal Garden Furniture Benefits

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits

Metal garden furniture benefits are numerous, here are just a few advantages to consider. Some of them incorporate – attractive design, which will be as per your requirement whether you demand it to look classic, trendy, modern or functional.

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits – Cost & Durability

Metal patio furniture should be cost-effective and durable. It should give you a sense of comfort and satisfaction while using or sitting on it. Metal garden furniture must be pleasurable to look at.

In the span of 25 or so years at Outside Edge, we all have witnessed a remarkable change in the metal patio furniture sector. In the last decade, some correspondents were unaware of the benefits of aluminium metal garden furniture, which is ideally suitable for outdoor use. In earlier days, cast iron furniture was regarded as the superior medium, but thankfully this spurious perspective has now changed.

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits – Changing Tastes

The metal patio furniture which is manufactured using principally aluminium is now regarded as one of the most favoured forms of furniture in the UK leisure sector.

This alteration in the popular viewpoint of users took some time, provided that aluminium as a raw material is more high-priced than the conventional materials such as synthetic rattan.

Our buyers at Outside Edge are not at all surprised by the fact that cast aluminium is now much more desired by discerning customers in the UK. The shifting of consumer’s interest towards cast aluminium rather than solid iron is evidence of the practical outdoor qualifications that is clenched in this form of metal garden furniture.

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits – How It Is Made?

Evolution of the aluminium casting process since the 1960s empowers metal garden furniture industries to produce high-quality and sophisticated designs, at prices which are affordable for most households.

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits – What To Look For

We think a well-cultured consumer looks for an outdoor product that is aesthetically pleasing and has durability of material as well as being weather proofed. Outdoor furniture that is now manufactured with aluminium as its fundamental material, imparts an affordable solution to requirements of the consumer.

It is obvious that the metal used for the best metal garden furniture should be rust free and lightweight. However, to genuinely provide an outdoor product that is long-lasting and almost maintenance free, we also powder coat our metal garden furniture to resist the elements from corroding for an amazing span of 15 years.

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits – Our Furniture

Each of our chairs is welded together and we do not use screws or bolts to attach the legs.

We use our own paint line to powder coat our cast aluminium furniture pieces, we never outsource this process as this provides us with the complete command over the total manufacturing cycle of our aluminium garden furniture.

Although our prices are very competitive as compared to our rivals, our metal tables and chairs are significantly superior to the flat packed cheaper end metal garden furniture, which you might easily find online or in DIY stores.

Metal Garden Furniture Benefits – You Should Consider This

We believe that you will appraise carefully what is on sale out there. In addition to that, there are a number of furniture attributes that you must take into consideration while selecting furniture for your household, here are a few of the things that you should consider.


  1. There are a few questions that you must pose, what is the size of the chair? How big it is? Does it weigh too much? Is the chair knock down? Is the chair stackable? Is it all made of aluminium?


  1. While looking at an aluminium table there are many ways in which a manufacturer can skimp on material content, in other words, the less aluminium used the less expensive will the product be. Some more questions that you can look into, what are the dimensions of the tabletop? How thick is the table top? Is it thinly made to save money? Are the legs of the table spindly? Are the legs made of tubing? Are they made of solid cast aluminium?


  1. How are the cushions made? Are they just pinched cushions i.e. one line of stitching all around? This proves to be the cheapest way to make a cushion; we supply cushions that are piped as well as boxed, which are then filled with high-density foam to keep the cushion in shape.


The range of metal garden furniture available at Outside Edge includes the tables that can accommodate up to 12 people. Besides that, we also supply parasols, parasol bases, cast aluminium benches, outdoor cushions, gazebos and gazebos pavilions. barbecues and of course all the weather covers that will keep your metal garden furniture clean and protected from dust.

The Outside Edge team are waiting to hear from you. If you have any kind of queries concerning the benefits of metal garden furniture, please give us a call  on 01582 840717 or send us an email.

We wish you all the best for a fashionable and comfortable British summer season!


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