Metal Garden Furniture Client – Holiday Property Bond Sienna Italy buys our patio furniture again.

Another Metal Garden Furniture Client

Our metal garden furniture client HPB has purchased from us on several occasions. They obviously feel our aluminium patio furniture is perfect for their properties across the world. The occupants of these holiday homes change weekly and our metal garden tables and chairs always survive! We have many trade customers who repeat orders for their holiday nets.

Since got its very first house, in the Canary Islands in 1983, the Holiday Property Bond has actually taken pleasure in constant sustained development, balancing around 50 brand-new homes each year in the UK and overseas. Today the profile extends to 31 locations in 13 nations – making up more than 1,300 vacation houses and homes along with 2 hotels – all with no outside debt.

The Holiday Property Bond’s primary objectives were, and are:

1. To connect the quantity invested to the level of vacation advantages and to permit use of any HPB homes without any exchange costs.
2. To connect the financial investment with the hidden value of member homes and other possessions.
3. To realise these objectives the Holiday Property Bond is a structured life guarantee bond. It supplies its vacation advantages with the Holiday Points system and its investors (“Bondholders”) pay no lease for their vacations, just a no revenue user charge when reserving a home.

HPB memberships have actually continued even when there are tough financial times, such as those experienced in the last few years. They think this reflects the high level of fulfillment among existing Bondholders whose recommendations of family and friends are there most significant source of brand-new membership.

As more individuals invest, HPB requires more homes to offer for their vacations. So hopefully this metal garden furniture client will constantly need to furnish new outdoor areas.

HPB’s profile has actually grown regularly to its present level of 1,379 vacation homes and houses – plus 24 en suite berths at 2 Bond owned hotels. And all of this has actually been achieved without incurring mortgage debt – we are a self funding organisation!

Over 30 years of development and success has been achieved by selecting the correct properties and fitting them out correctly. For example, most of our outdoor areas will have high quality and comfortable metal garden furniture.

HPB Buys Our Patio Furniture Again

HPB, our top metal garden furniture client, has recently specified our aluminium products for their wonderful Tuscan palazzo near Sienna. Please click the link to read more!





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