Metal Garden Furniture FAQs – here is a list of frequently asked questions concerning aluminium patio furniture.

10 Metal Garden Furniture FAQs

We have compiled a list of metal garden furniture FAQs based on some past queries regarding our aluminium range. If you do not find the information or advice you are seeking, please remember we are just a phone call away on 01582 840 717.

Your Metal Garden Furniture FAQs Questions Answered

Why isn’t my garden furniture being delivered assembled?

The reduced volume keeps the cost of delivery down, a saving we pass on to our customers. It also eliminates the risk of damaging your patio set in transit and allows easy access through narrow gates and pathways. Please note that only the table legs require fitting, everything else is ready to go out of the box.

I am finding that the screws for the legs on my table are a tight fit. Are they the wrong size?

No they are correct, the bolts have a very small tolerance to ensure a tight fit. We advise lubrication of the bolts with oil (even olive oil) to ease the tightening process. Remember; always use the washers in the correct order. Washers stop the bolts working loose so that your garden furniture will stay together over time! Your instructions describe how to do this very clearly. Never over tighten the bolts. Two turns beyond ‘finger tight’ is sufficient.

My son has accidentally scraped an aluminium chair across the caramel patio. I am now worried the chair will begin to rust.

Don’t worry, aluminium does not rust. It can be very easily repaired with a metallic paint such as Hammerite metallic spray paint. They offer a large range of colours, so matching the finish will be simple. Clean any grease or grit away with white spirit, and spray evenly from a distance of 6 to 8 inches.

More Metal Garden Furniture FAQs

We have a huge pigeon problem here in west London, can I buy a separate parasol canopy for my garden furniture to replace my soiled one?

No need, the canopy is easily removed and is washable at no more than 30 degrees. Lift the parasol from the centre of your patio table, unscrew the cap on the outside apex of the frame and lift the canopy free. If the problem persists we recommend getting a feral cat.

Which chemicals are suitable for cleaning my metal garden table?

STOP! Never use chemical cleaners on metal garden furniture! It will degrade the special weather resistant finish and may harm the aluminium. Use warm water and washing up liquid with a cloth or soft brush. Never use anything abrasive.

I recently bought a ten seat metal extending table, and I am worried about assembling it. Why can’t the driver assemble it for me?

Great attention has been paid to making the process very easy. The sliding leaves on the extending table are already fitted and ready to use. The only parts that need fixing to the table are the four legs aided by very clear instructions. The drivers are separate contractors on a tight schedule based on ten deliveries per day, this cost saving keeps prices down.

My extending table has become stiff when opening and closing it. What can I do?

It is important to oil or grease the aluminium runners. Grease is better, since it will not wash away in the rain. Open the table and ensure the runners are wiped from time to time. Use WD 40 spray cleaner to remove any grit or dirt before re-lubricating.

Yet More Metal Garden Furniture FAQs

Should I put my metal garden furniture away in the winter months?

Not really. You furniture will withstand temperatures well below freezing. The virgin cast aluminium will not become brittle unlike re-cycled metal in cheaper furniture. However, if you store your metal garden set the powder coating will last longer.

Do you sell specific cleaning chemicals for resin Rattan furniture?

Like aluminium, rattan garden furniture requires no specialist cleaning other than with warm, soapy water. Chemicals of any nature may result in fading or weakening of the resin weave.



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