Metal Garden Furniture Fashion

Metal Garden Furniture Fashion

Was metal garden furniture fashion affected by the weather this summer, which was a mixed bag. As expected in the UK, we had days with heavy rain, but thrown in were some days with glorious sunshine and some record breaking high temperatures. When we look back at the summer of 2017, it wasn’t too bad at all. Our gardens need the rain to look great, so I guess asking for less heavy rain might be too much. The great news for Outside Edge along with the metal garden furniture sector overall is that people appear to be spending money on their outdoor spaces.

Therefore, in light of that fact, what are some of the important metal garden furniture fashion trends for 2018? What things should we be including on our patios and in our gardens for this summer? Don’t worry, our team at Outside Edge have been keeping up to date on the hottest metal garden furniture fashion trends for the summer, therefore we’ll be ready to give you the latest ideas for 2018 to keep your outdoor space furnished with the latest styles.

Small Garden Furniture

Oversized outdoor sofas and metal dining sets are among the modern metal garden furniture fashion trends, but it seems like the classic style bistro set is always in demand. Create that street cafe look with pretty wrought iron style, but aluminium, chairs and tables. This practical set doesn’t hog too much space and you can leave it outside year round with only the minimal of maintenance required. It blends in perfectly on a rustic patio, nested within beautiful plants. The bistro set continues to be popular with customers at Outside Edge.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

In one of our previous articles on outdoor furniture fashion trends, we took a look at this. Over the past 4 to 5 years, the idea of the ‘outdoor room’ design has really evolved and it doesn’t seem to be a fad but will be here for a few more years to come. As the idea evolves this influences outdoor furniture design. Outdoor furniture is looking more like indoor furniture and you can see this with our new modern dining collection which blur the lines so much that these furniture pieces work for the indoors and outdoors.

For example in the wider market, the Philippe Starck designed Kartell Bubble Club Outdoor Sofa sometimes affectionately referred to as the “granny sofa”, has more of the look and feel of a living room piece , but Starck has created a weather resistant sofa which functions perfectly outdoors. Also please check out our metal dining sets.



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