Metal Garden Furniture Hotline – this is our new sales telephone number, call with any aluminium garden furniture enquiries.

Metal Garden Furniture Hotline

Here is our new sales number 01582 840 717 for our metal garden furniture hotline.

Please call this sales telephone number if you have any queries of a sales nature.

20 Question You May Ask To Call Us

  1. When will by aluminium garden furniture be delivered?
  2. Is your metal patio furniture better than Lazy Susan’s Furniture?
  3. How long will the paint on your metal patio sets last?
  4. Are there caps on the legs to stop chipping and scratching?
  5. What does your 12 year warranty cover?
  6. Do your metal garden chairs stack?
  7. If I am physically impaired would you put the aluminium garden table together?
  8. Could I squeeze 8 people round you metal garden set for 6?
  9. Can you deliver to my holiday home in France when I am there?
  10. Is your metal garden furniture hotline available at the weekend?
  11. Why should you cover or put your metal outdoor set for 4 away in the winter?
  12. I live at the end of a narrow track, could you deliver with a small van?
  13. Do you take part exchange for new metal sun loungers?
  14. I run a restaurant in Brighton, if I buy 12 metal garden sets for 4, would you give a discount?
  15. We would like to buy 20 metal garden benches for a recreation ground in Sunderland. If we call your metal garden furniture hotline to order would you put the outdoor benches together.
  16. If  we ordered a metal bistro set and it didn’t fit our balcony, could we return it?
  17. Are there any garden centres in the country that stocks your aluminium patio sets?
  18. I note that you have a showroom in Essex, do you have a showroom I could visit in the north of England?
  19. Do I call the metal garden furniture hotline if I have a broken metal garden chair?
  20. If I buy a metal set in your garden furniture sale, will you store it until my new garden is finished?

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