How to Have Weathered Metal Garden Furniture Restored

How to Have Weathered Metal Garden Furniture Restored

Perhaps you want to preserve some pitted, rusted, or worn metal garden furniture, or have it repainted. If so, you’re in the right place. We are experts in restoring cast aluminum garden furniture! Rather than throwing it away or painting over the ugly spots, why not revitalize and rejuvenate it? With some proper care and maintenance, you breathe life back into your metal garden furniture and save a few bucks in the process.

Cast Aluminum Garden Furniture

If you have some painted aluminum furniture that is weathered, you can treat it just like any other metal surface that is painted. Sanitize it with some warm water and cleaning solution, wash it down, and then add some car wax to give it some protection from harsh climates.

How to Have Weathered Metal Garden Furniture Restored

Although unfinished aluminum garden furniture won’t rust like iron will, in specific weather conditions, it can oxidize, particularly if you’re situated close to the coast. While this is a form of corrosion, it’s simpler to handle than rust.

You can resolve the issue with Simichrome or alternative aluminum polishing paste. It is comprised of a delicate substance that will take away the oxidation and stop it from being tarnished down the road.

Begin by using a brush with soft bristles and eliminate any surface material that is loose. The pitting is somewhat chalky, so a lot of it can be removed with minimal effort. While wearing rubber gloves, use polishing paste to scrub around the framework.

Be mindful not to get any of it on fabric or straps as they can easily be stained. Allow it to dry after using water to rinse if off. To be on the safe side, take off the cushions if you can.

Cast Iron Metal Garden Furniture

As gorgeous as cast iron metal garden furniture is, it does rust. If you maintain it properly, though, it will remain gorgeous for years!

Regularly sanitize it with cleaning solution and warm water. Dust and dirty on the iron’s surface can enclose moisture against the paintwork, resulting in deterioration. To maintain the pristine condition of your iron, keep it clean.

Additionally, you should keep your eyes open for paint damage, as this is where rust can take shape. Prevention should always be the first step. Begin by sanding off the damaged paint right down to the exposed metal. Afterward, apply a metal primer. Once it dries, apply a metal paint that is resistant to rust.

Just like with aluminum, add a bit of car wax, which will help to run moisture off the surface. This can be troublesome with complex ironwork, but places like Halfords provide a wide variety of spray-on waxes that handle tough-to-reach areas.

How to Have Weathered Metal Garden Furniture Restored

If wrought-iron garden furniture must be repainted, begin by using a wire brush to take away all dirt, rust, and paint that have flaked out.

Afterward, take a hose to wash away all the dust created while wire brushing. To ensure they are smooth, place your hand on the surfaces. Allow them to dry completely prior to beginning painting.

The most optimal way to accomplish a decent and balanced finish is to use spray paint. Eastwood Paints have a large variety purposed for wrought and cast iron. Be mindful to wear a mask and work in a properly ventilated space.

Spray the furniture sections is a slow, sweeping movement from left to right. Use even and straight strokes. Move at a steady pace or you’ll produce paint runs. Allow the furniture to dry as you work on one side at a time. You might have to add several coats and touch up any spaces you’ve neglected. Between coats, allow time to dry.

Cushions for Metal Garden Furniture

When shopping for new outdoor furniture, your options are vast. You will need to choose the material (wood? aluminum? rattan?), as well as the set’s shape and size (do you need a rounded patio set for 12 or an aluminum garden table for 6?). At this point, you’ll need to decide on padding selections and cushion colors.

You Get Your Money’s Worth

There are all sorts of cushions to choose from. Just like any other product, the higher the cost, the better the quality. Maybe you want a cushion that will be replaced each season. If that’s the case, an economical cushion will do just fine. If you opt to pay top-dollar for your cushion, you’ll receive one with material that doesn’t rot or fade away fast. If you choose piped and boxed pads, they will retain the shape and be properly stuffed. Think about using changeable covers if you live with pets who love your cushions as much as you do!

How to Have Weathered Metal Garden Furniture Restored – Finite Color Palette

Most of us are conservative when it comes to cushions. The usual colors are the most popular. Manufacturers of metal garden furniture have found a way to provide people what they are looking for. The key is to pick a tone that doesn’t clash with natural surroundings.

The 80s & 90s

Navy and racing green were all the rage in the 1980s. These bold tones kicked off the ubiquitous white plastic patio furniture trend. Such colors blended well against the bulky wooden furniture trend that came afterward. The warm wood from Australia and South Africa, like Karri, shined bright against dark contrasting material. The paler wood that came after, like teak and pine, were an organic match for the 1990s trend in the garden – terracotta.


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