Metal Garden Furniture Shows

Metal Garden Furniture Shows

You must visit these metal garden furniture shows in 2018. At Outside Edge, we were always enthusiasts of home and garden exhibitions which contain aluminium patio furniture and in fact anything to do with the garden!

These exhibitions are a great opportunity to market our products and services, interact with consumers, check out what our rivals are doing, and discover events taking place in our industry.

An exhibition gets the staff away from the office and brings them into direct contact with the consumers and it plays a major role in helping the design team with new product developments.

I’m sure there are a few reasons for not attending these exhibitions, such as visiting fees, valuable time out of the office, and much more. But it does not matter because visiting such events helps you to learn and grow your business. If you are a consumer, vendor, manufacturer or a distributor, there are still many more reasons for going to metal garden furniture shows; such as exploration, gaining knowledge about your field, upcoming products in the market, latest trends and so on.

Now looking forward with the positive aspects, we consider exactly why we must go to, and publicize at, some of the impressive home and garden exhibitions taking place this year.

Metal Garden Furniture Shows – Retail Exhibitions

I will attempt to focus on the purchaser/retailer exhibitions, not for the reason whether we are attending them or we are not this year, but because they are really amazing shows. They are the shows that are definitely worth the time going to see. There will also be a few product surprises in there which are not on the internet yet.

In my personal opinion, I believe that these types of exhibitions are all about acquiring practical knowledge, industry insight, and exposure to the most recent product innovations.

They are a great way to find out what hot trends will be on the market next summer and late spring, which will eventually help our product development team. Our extending metal garden set was inspired by a product we encountered at the Chelsea Flower Show.

It helps us to stimulate new product ideas, discover new methods of marketing our business/products, and as research about the broader home and garden sector.

We can get to know what our competitors are up to and where we can improve our products and offers. We can even talk to them; share with them the ideas of what we are up to. In fact, we certainly have a lot in common and it is good to be civil.

As an industry, it empowers us to look at how we compare to our rivals, examine our good and bad points, and find the best ways to support the industry while moving our business forward.

Metal Garden Furniture Shows – Our Favourites

Our selection for the 2018 home and garden shows is based on price of entrance, show quality and content.

Home and garden exhibitions have helped to educate both trade and retail businesses. They have let us see the bigger picture, and have given us the greater understanding of our industry.

With all that we have gathered throughout the years, I personally feel we are now better prepared to service our clients.

However, in the end, we all had fun. Yes, I know, we were meant to be working, but that was also an integral part of the visit.

These shows are fun, and they are a powerful way to keep the Outside Edge staff inspired, get them pumped up about our sector and helps in new product development.

So without further delay, here is the selection of our favourite 2018 exhibitions for. We have visited some of them many times, and we are hoping to visit the others for the first time this year.

Ideal Home Show

To be very honest, I started with this one because it is the one we all know. I’m not sure about the visitor’s numbers, but as far as the brand name is concerned, it could be the market leader!

To be frank I have a bit of a love/hate with The Ideal Home Show. I think I first went to that show in between mid to late 90’s. I have exhibited there several times since then. Some years it has been really great, but not so good in the others.

However, I would say it is a show that always worth going to see, even if it is only for a few hours, you must go there to have a quick glance around.

They really cover it all, which I guess is the reason why some years it felt better than others; maybe they had much more of exactly what I have been looking to find.

From kitchens and washrooms to basements and bedrooms, from fittings and fixtures to amazing food, from gardens and the upcoming home renovation to the beauty and fashionable gifts, you will find them all under just one roof at this award-winning Exhibition – “The Ideal Home Show”.

Metal Garden Furniture Shows – Royal Horticultural Society

The RHS shows are such high quality events that you really have to visit at least 2 a year if you are a garden aficionado. Please remember to book you tickets in advance, for instance the Chelsea show is always sold out and you will not be able to just turn up and pay on the day!

The Cardiff RHS Show

The Royal Chelsea RHS Flower Show

The Hampton Court RHS Flower Show

Tatton Park RHS Flower Show

The Chatsworth RHS Flower Show

Metal Garden Furniture Shows – County Shows

Sadly, many county shows have either been cancelled or a now a bit poor, but there are still a few agricultural shows that are definitely worth visiting, we recommend these.

The Yorkshire Show

The Lincolnshire Show

Malvern Spring Fair

Harrogate Flower Show

Surrey County

Royal Bath & West

Cheshire Show

New Forest Show

South Of England

There you are and have fun days out this spring and summer.


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