6 Seater Oval Garden Furniture Sets – Aluminium For The Patio – Free Delivery – No Rust

6 Seater Oval Garden Furniture Sets

6 Seater Oval Garden Furniture Sets And 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us:

  • The aluminium patio chairs will not arrive for you to put together, we do that in our factory.
  • Our metal outdoor chairs are designed to be welded together, not bolted.
  • Why do some firms give a 1 year warranty? We offer up to a 10 year guarantee.
  • You can alter any of our sets to make your own combination. Just call us!
  • If you spend over £250, you qualify for free delivery (England & Wales).
  • Our  6 seater oval garden furniture sets will never rust.
  • Flaking paint is not a problem with our powder coating.
  • Our metal garden furniture sets for 6 have zero maintenance.
  • High stock levels means quick delivery.
  • You can store or secure our chairs easily as they all stack!

6 Seater Oval Garden Furniture Sets – Powder Coated Aluminium

All of our 6 seater oval garden furniture sets are applied with grade A powder coating to keep the finish for the long term and to eliminate oxidisation. Aluminium will never rust like iron but it does oxidise. Once aluminium oxide is formed on the surface of the metal it stops, in other words the thin film that is formed stops any further degradation, consequently corrosion like rust cannot occur. We powder coat the aluminium tables and chairs to stop unsightly white oxide forming and to maintain the desired colour. If ordinary indoor paint or metallic colour treatment is used, it quickly peels and falls off, whereupon the oxidation appears.

This powder coating allows our 6 seater oval garden furniture sets to be left permanently outside, in all kinds of weather.  Please follow this link to our page that explains our excellent manufacturing methods.

6 Seater Oval Garden Furniture Sets – An Extensive Range To Choose From

We have 3 types of dining chairs to go with our oval patio 6 seat tables. The Brompton oval set is only £ 799 delivered for free in England and Wales. This chair is welded together and is very sturdy.  We have a heavier medium back chair which is available in our Knot 6 seat garden sets. Our Venetian chair is our widest and heaviest dining chair which is also a high back diner, click here to see our flagship 6 seat oval patio set.

6 Seater Oval Garden Furniture Sets no rust


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