Mirror, mirror on the wall – using reflections to enhance your outdoor space.

Mirrors And Outdoor Space – Mirror, mirror on the wall – using reflections to enhance your garden.

Mirrors And Outdoor Space – If you are browsing this site and have wandered off distracted by such things as blogs on garden design, the chances are you are considering investing in some serious new metal garden furniture or rattan patio furniture.  Perhaps the set you bought from the DIY store when you got your first job has finally fallen to bits.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved house, spent the last few months painting and decorating, and finally feel you’ve earned the chance to splash out on something sexy by way of outdoor garden furniture.

When you are considering a new decorative scheme for the patio; and let’s face it, the purchase of new rattan garden furniture is a serious style statement, give a thought to how reflection can enhance the whole experience.

Whereas an ornately cast aluminium chair might create interesting shadows itself, rattan outdoor furniture is by its nature quite a solid bulky thing and needs a bit of help to create an interplay of light and shade.

One way you can do this is to erect a pergola (and we’ve written about the joys of such structures elsewhere on this blog).  Another is to introduce a garden mirror.

Mirrors And Outdoor Space – Garden Mirrors Extending the View

These look great as a way of brightening up a dull wall, especially when artfully partially concealed by ivy or honeysuckle.  A mirror extends the garden by throwing your view back at you.  This is particularly valuable if your garden is quite small.  Used properly you can create a real illusion of space and depth.   Mirrors work best in the garden when they blend into the background, and they have lots of plants surrounding them, blurring the edges and leading your eye into the view.

Mirrors And Outdoor Space – Create an Illusion

A good rule of thumb is to mix in as much reality with your illusion as you can.  One trick is to use a mirror behind an open gate and to have a path lead right up to it – you can even cut a paving caramel in half just where the slab meets the mirror to enhance the effect.  Try the mirror out in various places so that it reflects the best view, and if necessary, cheat by angling it.  This is particularly useful on a patio where you’ll want to enjoy your garden’s best view and we’re not all lucky enough to have the option of placing our garden furniture where it can take this in.

Mirrors And Outdoor Space – Reflecting your Style

As for style, there’s everything out there to suit all budgets.  You can by a wee Gothic mirror for as little as £20, or you can have a huge modernist sheet of mirrored glass that looks like something out of a Gold Medal-winning Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Mirrors And Outdoor Space – Watch out!

One cautionary note, be careful to not angle your mirror so that very hot sun can reflect off it.  Having splashed out on quality rattan garden furniture, the last thing you’ll want is to set fire to it or have scorch marks on your cushions!


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