New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

As befits a firm that lives and breathes metal garden furniture, our New Year resolutions are all to do with the life you live outdoors – and how to make most of it.

Outdoor Furniture Is Not Just For The Patio 

Look around your garden with a fresh eye.  We’re traditionally brought up to think that garden tables and outdoor chairs should sit on a patio.  However, the best gardens have lots of intriguing little spaces to stop and enjoy the sunshine or the view.

New Year Resolutions And The Beauty of Benches

If you have a garden bench but find that you don’t use it – try moving it to another spot.   Garden seats are great ornaments as much as practical objects, so you may decide to place one outside a shed, primarily for the interest it adds to the view.  Equally, patio benches can totally recast a small area so that a utilitarian space such as outside the back door can become perfect for a coffee stop.

New Year Resolutions And Tea for Two

Smaller garden tables with one or two outdoor chairs are wonderfully flexible.  Try placing a bistro table in a sunny corner to create a cheery courtyard look or near a scented climber so you can enjoy the perfume.  A small metal patio table can be moved around the garden to make the most of seasonal flowers but in the winter, the architectural forms will add height and interest to a garden where not much is growing.

Refresh Your Look

Put the same effort into your outdoor space as you do into your home; the spring magazines are full of ideas on how to refresh your decorating scheme.  Use some of these tips to put a bit of zing into  your outdoor dining space.  Perhaps your aluminium garden furniture is looking a bit tired?  Your cushions could probably do with a good wash down or might even merit replacement.  By changing the seat pad cushions and the parasol, you can update your patio furniture very economically.  If you have a wooden teak table, it may need oiling.  Whatever the surface, remember the more you take care of it, the likely you are to want to sit around using it, so hose down it or wipe it down regularly.  You may even want to invest in all weather garden furniture cover so it’s always ready to use when the sun comes out.

Dress Your Patio Table

Use planting to add interest to your aluminium or rattan garden table – it’s not just waiting forlornly for a bowl in salad and a bottle of Chianti in May!  If you put a bowl of spring flowering bulbs on top – or a terracotta flower pot of growing herbs such as sage or rosemary, you’ve got interest all the time.  Mini bay trees look cute too.

New Year Resolutions, Let There Be Light

Think about how you light your outside space – and do it now while you are stuck indoors, not when the weather’s warmed up and you are just throwing some bangers on the barbie.  If you get this right, you’ll prolong the amount of time you spend outside.  There is a solution for everyone these days – with many temporary options for optimum flexibility, such as solar fairy lights and solar patio lanterns.  Invest in some storm lanterns and outdoor candles to create atmosphere.

And Warmth

The latest trend in outdoor living is definitely the Kensington metal fire-pit.  If you haven’t yet got one, catch up!  Aluminium fire-pits are the perfect way to create a focal point and because they throw off a really powerful heat, they take the chill off when the sun goes down. Also you can cook on them!

If you resolve to improve your outdoor space, you will find that you use it more often.  A couple of years ago we moved our main outdoor dining table from the purpose-built patio and stuck it round the other side of the house near the kitchen, in a more sheltered spot.  Here, we can dine outside on sunny spring days.  We replaced the table with a rattan sofa set on the patio and find we spend every possible moment lolling around on the comfy sofas as a result.

The History of New Year Resolutions


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