Outdoor And Indoor Design

Outdoor And Indoor Design

Outdoor and indoor design can be cunningly combined. Have you always wanted to merge the indoors with the outdoors? Keep reading and you’ll learn how to set up a room that seamlessly blends with your garden.

This is a great way to make your indoor space appear much brighter, larger and more modern. Use our tricks and tips to help highlight your garden and bring the outdoors indoors.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – expand your garden view.

To begin with and most importantly, patio windows and doors should be kept clutter free so that you have an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Curtains and blinds should be kept simple and clean. You should choose something that can be opened fully leaving no obstructions. Stay away from curtains that block half the view when opened.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – glass is essential.

The key to merging the indoors with the outdoors are large glass sliding doors. The trick to bringing the outside inside is to use large glass doors in the room that opens to the garden.

If your view isn’t spectacular or your garden is small, you can try using dramatic planting just outside of the living area. Another great option for this scenario is to use metal garden furniture of good quality (we suggest Outside Edge of course), plenty of greenery and bright, lively colours.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – choose the proper flooring.

Choosing a floor that runs from the indoors to the outdoor patio will bring the space together neatly. Furthermore, when you use large glass sliding doors or bi-folding doors in combination, the space opens up and results in one big living area.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – maintain the same floor level.

In addition to selecting flooring surfaces that’s the similar material indoors and outdoors, make certain your garden space and living area are at the exact same level and stay away from steps if possible – doing this is going to be not only more convenient, but can help guide the eye outside, creating a feeling of a large indoor area.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – mirror outdoors with the indoors.

Selecting garden furniture looks similar to the indoor furniture is a secret you could make use of to blur the division of the indoors/outdoors. Including colours from your garden space to the interior of your house will additionally help to blend interior/exterior. An additional effective tip would be to use plants that mirror the indoor colours. Check these guys out for their exterior mirror range.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – link the spaces by using green.

Applying green around your windows is going to help bring the indoors and the garden together too. This might mean having blinds or using a green colour on the walls around the window.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – purchase low indoor furniture.

The way your room is laid out might mean you have to place furniture in front of the window, which might block the garden view from the inside. A low sofa would take care of this problem.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – include plenty of plantings on the interior.

Big, healthy plants on the inside will bring a conservatory feeling to the inside living area and it will have the feel of a direct link to the garden. This is an inexpensive trick to use irrespective of the layout of your home. It is always advantageous to connect the interior to the exterior of your home.

Outdoor And Indoor Design – use lights in your garden at night.

Keep in mind that you use the interior of your home all day long, however, why not light up the garden after dark?


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