OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS TIPS – advice on what to do outdoors at yuletide.


It’s a growing trend, so here are our outdoor Christmas tips.  Each year more and more of us are decking out the house with icicle lights and swathing the garden hedge with fairy lights.  It’s become so that every bush and tree is adorned with twinkling lights.  There’s nothing wrong with that – it all helps to cheer us up at this gloomy time of year.  However, there’s more to an Outdoor Christmas, than a few pretty lights.

Here are our favourite ways to add a touch of festive glamour to your outdoor space.

The Hunting Theme

When did we all go mad for deer antlers?  Perhaps the hunting, shooting, fishing trend that’s everywhere in decorative themes is a reaction to the hunting ban?  In all events, it’s a trend that looks right at home if you live in the country and you don’t have to have stuffed moose over the fireplace – you can take the look outside with a woven twig deer (or perhaps just the deer head if space is a consideration).  Consider how grand this chap would look presiding over your metal garden table.

Another of our outdoor Christmas tips is a sculpture worthy of the name – something to bring you pleasure throughout the year, you should consider investing in one of Jane at Gingercatwillow.co.uk’s works of art.  She not only has a range of beautiful stags but horses to die for too!

If you prefer something more precise, perhaps one of the wildlife rusty silhouettes is more to your taste.  We’ve got used to seeing metal silhouettes of chickens scattered across a lawn, but Marquis and Dawe are selling a deer – and a pheasant too.   They even have a charming white metal moose!

False Tree Lights Are Part Of Our Outdoor Christmas Tips

Forget the hassle of hanging tree lights on your existing trees and shrubs.  This is rarely as easy as it seems.  Instead, opt of one of the increasingly sophisticated trees with lights that are available this year.  If you choose a light tree tower, you can instantly transform any corner of the garden or patio into a winter wonderland.  Some of these can be as much as 3 metres high and over a metre and a half in diameter.

Or if you are after a more natural look, some of the best artificial trees are those with delicate twiggy looks such as a cherry or silver birch with lights all over the branches.  Stick the ‘plant’ in a container next to your metal garden furniture and it will add a twinkling glow.


Not just for the front door any more.  The shops and garden centres are brimming with lovely shaker style woven wicker hearts and rings.  They’re too good to tuck away inside so why not hang one on the shed door or garden gate?  Anywhere where they’re likely to bring a smile to your face as you go about your chores.  Perhaps you have a garden office?  Remember to treat it like the rest of your home and deck it out in festive finery.

Table Decorations

If your aluminium garden table is crying out for a bit of Christmas magic, you could do much worse than invest in a truly charming centrepiece such as Cox and Cox’s tiered Christmas tea light holder.   Even if you don’t get to dine al fresco, it’ll look lovely and won’t be out of place in the warmer months. http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/outdoor-living/outdoor-christmas/tiered-tea-light-holder


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