Outdoor Cushions – which cushions should you buy for your metal garden furniture this year?

Outdoor Cushions, Cushions Everywhere!

Which outdoor cushions should we offer? If you run a metal garden furniture company like ours, you’ll spend a lot of time contemplating the varying merits of different colours for your 2015 range.

What is Joe Public going to plump for when he’s upgrading his metal patio furniture?  Even without knowing it, your decision is likely to be influenced by the latest trends in interior design.  It goes without saying then, that when we select our cushion fabric for the year ahead; we too are looking at what’s set to be hot in 2015.

Key Colours for Outdoor Cushions in 2015

Next spring and summer is going to be awash with the natural colours of the garden;  sea green and forest hues, leafy shades and appley brights. There are plenty of pinks and purples too; with earth tones remaining very popular – from chocolate brown through to sand.

Major Trends in Metal Garden Furniture Soft Furnishing

Some of these lend themselves more easily than others to your outdoor  cushions.  While a pop of pink or a flash of purple might be just the thing as an accent colour, a whole suit of garden furniture in such a shade would be rather hard to live with.

The same rule applies to your borders if you think about it.  Save the pinks and purples for plants, pots and scatter cushions.  For your seat cushions, you are more likely to opt for that traditional outdoor favourite, racing green or a modern neutral shade.

Conservatism Rules

These days all our ranges are plain, with traditional shades such as navy, bottle green and beige being consistent bestsellers.  The flowered and striped outdoor cushions of the 1970s and 1980s have yet to make their presence known again.  And while, it is often the show-stopping print or colour that catches the eye, as a rule, people tend to go for the safe option.

Think about shopping for a new coat – there in the window is a fabulous orange number in just the right cut.  You try it on; you fall in love with it, and then the salesperson points out that they have it in navy blue.  And you start to think about how much more practical the dark version might be.  Same goes for buying a car.  The yellow one in the showroom looks amazing, but we’re all much more likely to go for silver or black, same as everyone else.

Look at Me!

If you are glancing through a glossy magazine looking at their garden furniture styling, or even flicking through an outdoor cushion  manufacturer’s brochure, the chances are that the pieces that stand out are in unconventional colours.  They catch the eye in part because they are unusual.

Contrasting Colours are Good For Outdoor Cushions

So when we are selecting our fabrics we consider what’s really going to work best for the consumer while offering them something bang up to date.  Dark shades can fade – so you have to be sure that your material is of good quality and unlikely to be wrecked by the sun.  Very light shades show the dirt – fine for some people, but for those with children, dogs and cats, perhaps not the best choice.

For outdoor cushions often a strong contrast sets the metal garden furniture off to its best.  If you have dark rattan woven chairs, a sand or taupe cushion may look smartest.  If your preference is for a lighter weave, it might be that chocolate brown cushions set it off best.

Urban versus Country Life

Traditionally, greys look sophisticated and give a sense of urban style.  If you live in the country and want your outdoor cushions to fit into a natural setting, you may be well advised to choose the earth tones that are going to be on trend next spring.


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