Outdoor Hygge – What’s it all about?

Outdoor Hygge

Outdoor Hygge has become a buzzword in the past year. It is a Danish word which translates to making moments in life special, comfortable and memorable. This concept is going from the indoors to the outdoors in our gardens and patios. To achieve outdoor hygge only requires a few basics.

The best starting point is the fire pit that is also a heat source, a light and a BBQ. Outdoor hygge comes to life when you have friends and family sitting around the fire pit, sharing good times and drinks.

Comfortable seating is mandatory, but when you really make it outdoor hygge you can give out blankets as the sun goes down and it starts getting cooler. Our Kensington fire and ice sets will help to create this look along with the comfortable outdoor seating and the Normann Copenhagen’s Ekko Throw Blankets. Now you will have the perfect outdoor hygge!

Scandinavian Style

Besides Denmark, the Scandinavian style is becoming popular not only outdoors but also on the inside.

Chalk white is the primary color in the garden and this can be added easily by painting fences, brickwork or decking this colour.

Use muted browns, cool greys and earthy tones for some contrast. The simplicity spreads to the plants too, which should include a lawn, ferns, shrubs and a few annuals in pots made of zinc or galvanized steel.

Complete the outdoor hygge look with an outdoor rug, cushions, throws and candles. The metal garden furniture such as our metal sofa garden range are an ideal addition!

Garden Lighting & Outdoor Hygge

In recent years, there have been great advances in garden lighting. They are brighter and better yet more affordable.

There is a great selection available now, from the garden lamps and pretty lanterns to the advances in solar-powered lighting.

My personal choice is solar-power. No complicated electrical installations, no cables and there is virtually no maintenance needed. The advancement in solar panels and batteries means that they will work even in slightly overcast conditions.

Most solar-powered lights are used for ambient lighting instead of for illumination, but if you want something brighter, we suggest the Lyco lighting range. It costs a bit more, but it is well worth the price.

To be honest, the entire Lighting Superstore range is outstanding and I have personally used the solar-powered pedestal lamps to light up my garden and they do an excellent job.


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