Patio Furniture – What Manufacturing Material Should You Go For?

How To Select Patio Furniture Material For The UK Climate

In the past, we have written a number of articles on the various kinds of patio furniture materials that are widely used in the UK.

One article usually dove into a specific material. As a way to change that quickly, I figured that this month I’ll provide you with a quick guide to the popular materials available for patio furniture.

The process for selecting new patio furniture is actually fairly simple. We want it to:

  • look amazing
  • be the proper size for the space available
  • be robust and durable
  • stand up to the weather
  • serve its purpose

A bit of research will help you to select the patio furniture material that is right for you.

Each material on the market has its own pros and cons as well as how they are cared for and maintained. You probably have a budget, but you still want it to look great and perform.

The material you choose must stand up to the weather conditions as well as to the way you and your family will be using it.

Selecting The Proper Patio Furniture Material For Your Purposes

Please don’t take this as an insult to your intelligence. You have probably given quite a bit of thought to the style of patio furniture you prefer. It could be the traditional metal patio dining table with chairs or a modern rattan outdoor sofa set.

A good place to start when you are narrowing down your decision on the proper material is to give some thought about how the patio furniture will be used and how often you want to maintain it.

One of the most popular choices is timber, but if you don’t seal it on a regular basis, water will seep in and cause the timber to split and in the worst case scenario wood rot could cause permanent damage.

One advantage of timber is that it is sturdy. It will stay put in windy conditions. The disadvantage is if you are someone who likes to change up the look often, moving the patio furniture will be challenging because if its weight.

Garden furniture made of cast aluminium is totally resistant to rust, doesn’t require much maintenance and is relatively lightweight and easy to move. The idea is to find the best material for your purposes.

As you can see we are leaning more towards metal garden furniture made of cast aluminium. It is great in most situations, you get great value for your money and finally, there is very little maintenance required. From metal bistro sets to huge 12 seater tables, if you are looking for durable and maintenance free aluminium patio furniture please contact us.



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