Patio Heaters – here are our best tips so you buy the most effective and safest outdoor patio heating units.

Tips For Patio Heaters

The change in day temperature, the joyful sound of cheers and delighted chatter suggests that the summer season has started and you may need a patio heater to party on late into the night.

When dusk arrives and one of your guests or family complains, “shall we go into the living room?”, push a button and your outdoor heater fires up and saves the day.

Prior to investing in this kind of garden accessory it’s worth understanding how to purchase well with our patio heater tips. What, for example, is the distinction between a heating system that merely looks good that will not offer much heat and one that is going to do a good task and do it regularly well?

Stainless Steel Burner

Be careful, not all patio heaters have a stainless-steel burning unit provided as normal. The first of our patio heater tips is that it is very important that stainless steel is provided because this metal alloy doesn’t deteriorate and it lights easier.

Cheaper Chinese patio area heating units might still have an inadequate burn fitting, to make use of old stocks. In the west is has not been possible to buy the obsolete sixteen kilo watt burner for 5 years! Why, the output is too weak.

Reflector Size

Small reflectors are a huge problem. If patio heaters have small reflectors the heat energy just disappears into the night air. Remember heat rises. So if you have a tiny heat deflector and a small burner you WILL have to go inside!


A regular service warranty is best if it is at least 24 months long. There are suppliers that will always cancel the guarantee if you are at a seaside location. Patio Heater Tips Alert – salt will attack inferior alloys, that’s why cheaper suppliers will not guarantee patio heaters on the coast.

Matching Base

If you are looking at say a dark green patio heater, the bottom should also be painted dark green on the same metal – what’s the point of having a rust free tube but a gas chamber that will oxidise?

Security Considerations

Go for safety features – options like a heat break and an angle stop will make the contraption safer. Also are the wheels lockable?


To make patio heaters safe and reliable the specification must be high. What gauge are the metal tubular parts, are the screws solid stainless steel, is the gas tube rubber or plastic? If the unit is painted, is long lasting powder coating used or just cheap interior paint which will crack and peels off.


We recommend you never purchase a gas device entirely on cost. It has to depend on how much heat you need for the specified area. Also the unsafest patio heaters are always the cheapest. It is best if you buy from an established dealer so the guarantee actually means something.

So buy the right garden heater, use your patio for more sustained periods, keep warm and enjoy your metal garden furniture for longer!


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