Pest Free Garden Dining

Pest Free Garden Dining 

We’ve been waiting for the Summer Holidays for so long – the patio’s been brushed and the fabulous new metal garden furniture has arrived.  There’s gas for the barbecue and plump new cushions for the sun loungers; even the weather is holding out.  But sure as the sun does shine; August brings all manner of pests to spoil the outdoor dining experience.  Don’t fret though; there are a number of stylish solutions to keep the wasps and creepy crawlies away.   We thought we’d share some of our customer’s favourite ways to enjoy their aluminium outdoor furniture – pest free.

The Waspinator

This cunning invention is made to look exactly like a rival’s wasp nest to that pesky wasp that’s buzzing round your lazy susan.  Since wasps are territorial, foraging wasps will keep a healthy distance from the product, for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders.  The manufacturer claims that it only takes 15 minutes to clear an area! So hang one from your garden parasol and by the time the sausages are grilled, it will be safe to sit round your metal outdoor table.

The Ornamental Option

If you’d rather have something more decorative, opt for the glass bottle shaped wasp traps that come in a range of pretty colours.  Hung with wire, these are easy to scatter around near your metal outdoor table on trees, fence posts or even from the garden shade.  They make a great stylish way to dress your patio.  These traditional, old fashioned wasp traps are another environmentally friendly option – one that won’t attract bees.   All you need to do is put some sugary solution in the bottom, and the wasps will come buzzing along.

The Scented Solution

Citronella.  Nature’s remedy for keeping the mozzies and midges at bay.  There are as many forms of scented citronella candles as there are lanterns for the garden.  You can go for mini tea light versions which will sit on the patio table or huge block ones to dot around the edges of the terrace.  Midges don’t like the lemony scent so they will tend to keep their distance.


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