Plant Theatres

Plant Theatres

It’s not often that I come across a new term in the cosy little world of metal garden furniture, but I was flicking through the lovely new Sarah Raven catalogue last night, ogling the tulips and dreaming of drifts of alliums, when I came across a section entitled “Plant Theatres”.

While a quick glance at our blog posts will reveal that we often write about ways to compliment your aluminium patio furniture with accessories such as planters and outdoor tubs, and we’re always banging on about new ways to update your metal outdoor chairs with snazzy new soft furnishings, I’ve never used the term plant theatre before.

It’s a good one though.  Basically, what we’re talking about here are those old-fashioned graduating shelves – usually in metal, but available in wood too – that you often see in homes and gardens magazines.   Ideal ways to display a range of potted plants outside or in; they are brilliant ways of delineating areas of the patio and cheering up the look of your metal garden furniture.

Actually, it isn’t true that I haven’t written about the benefits of including such items in your outdoor decorating scheme, it’s just that I’ve always referred to them as “etageres”.  A quick glance at the IKEA website will show that I am not alone.  Still, I do like the ones in the Sarah Raven catalogue – there might just be a couple on offer, but they demonstrate just what good value such a piece of metal outdoor furniture can be – whether long and straight to mask an unattractive wall, or corner-shaped to enliven a dull smaller space, there’s a piece of plant theatre for everyone.

Go on line to find a finish that compliments your choice of metal garden furniture and fill it up with lovely pots.  Easy as that!

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