Boston Reclining Sofa Set

£4,995.00 £3,195.00


1 x 3 seat reclining sofa

2 x reclining lounge armchairs

1 x adjustable table.


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Boston 4 Piece Reclining Lounge Sofa Set – Slate Rattan With Charcoal Cushions

The Boston Reclining Sofa Set will provide al fresco dining or an outdoor socialising experience on any patio or garden space. This rattan sofa set includes a 3 seat reclining sofa, 2 reclining lounge armchairs and an adjustable table.

To enable us to offer a 10 year guarantee we use a 5mm semi-round plastic yarn to create our rattan weave which has many advantages to thin flat rattan garden furniture.

5 Reasons Why Our Boston Rattan Weave Is Superior

It looks better – the semi-round weave produces a solid aesthetic.

Substance – because the rattan weave is round, rather than flat, the yarn is much thicker which produces a denser garden product.

Durability – although thick round rattan yarn is much more time consuming to weave, the final result is a stronger and more durable product.

Made For Outdoors – this 5mm rattan weave is UV stable, colourfast, mildew free and stain resistant so it will last more than 10 years outside.

Better Cushions – we use a tighter woven material for our cushion cases and the dense foam insert will retain form.

Boston 4 Piece Reclining Lounge Sofa Set – Slate Rattan With Charcoal Cushions – Dimensions

3 Seat Sofa :

Length: 187cm

Width: Reclining 104cm – Non Reclining 74cm

Height: 97cm

Lounge Reclining Armchairs:


Depth: Reclining 104cm – Non Reclining 74cm

Height: 97cm

Adjustable Table:

Length: 140cm

Width: 80cm

Height: 70cm or 50cm

Caring For Your Rattan Garden Furniture – 4 Easy Steps

  1. To clean your rattan patio furniture, start by using a soft brush to clean the surfaces. This will remove caked-on grime, such as mud, algae or moss. This will get deep into the strands of the rattan, but don’t be too aggressive or you risk damaging the finish.
  2. Now using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, clean all over the surface of the rattan product to suck up any dislodged dirt or dust.
  3. Next, add a small amount of ordinary washing-up liquid to a large bucket of warm water. Please don’t use cleaners containing bleach or scouring agents, as these can cause tiny cracks in the plastic rattan weave. This will attract dirt and in the long term may cause structural failure. Using a soft sponge or cloth, wipe all over the rattan furniture surfaces with this detergent solution, paying attention to really grubby areas. Leave it to soak for a minute or two, then rinse the entire item with cold water, using a gentle spray setting on your garden hose. Don’t use any type of pressure-washer, as this can damage the finish of your rattan furniture.
  4. Once the rattan outdoor furniture piece is thoroughly rinsed, leave it to dry naturally.

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