Rattan Garden Furniture Care – prepare for the bad weather, put your patio furniture away and batten down the hatches!

Rattan Garden Furniture Care

Storms are on the way and a BBC weatherman just announced that there’s a hurricane headed our way – the biggest storm of the year so far.   In fact, we’re not really going to be hit by a hurricane but a spectacular storm system that developed across the Atlantic on Monday is coming our way, meaning we are very likely to experience strong winds and heavy rain.   This sort of storm system is rather marvelously known as a weather bomb – so it’s time to get the garden bomb-proof, which will include some rattan garden furniture care!

After reaching its peak on Monday the storm’s intensity has gradually reduced and the system will be significantly weakened by the time it passes over the UK and Europe this weekend.

However, weathermen are still forecasting that the system will dump heavy rainfall on the South East, the Midlands and parts of East Anglia over the next few days.  The Met Office website reports that while the weather system is significant in size, it isn’t particularly unusual either in intensity or power, but that it would lead to continued unsettled weather across most of Britain for the next few days.

Although it is likely to bring wet and windy weather the storm system will also bring with it unseasonably warm conditions, with some areas of Britain being hotter than Spain.

Some of us will get off lightly with extraordinarily high temperatures for October – as much as 21C on Friday – a real ‘Indian Summer’.  Others could see as much as 15-25mm of rain falling, with levels in parts of Cornwall, Cumbria and South Wales likely to reach as much as 65mm over the next five days.

Rattan Garden Furniture Care

With the storms on the way, it’s time to get outside and tuck up your beloved rattan garden furniture set for the winter.  While it is true that one of the key benefits of having chosen rattan over wooden tables and chairs is that it can withstand the British weather with no ill effects, it is still worth taking a bit of care.

Put The Glass Table Top Away

Perhaps your table has a glass cover.  Now is a good time to remove the glass table top and store it safely out of harm’s way for the next few months as a  this is an important part of your rattan garden furniture care.

Take Down The Parasol

Store put your umbrella away out of high winds, do not lie it on its side where it could get eaten by mice!  If you prop it up somewhere, it will be as good as new next spring.

If your rattan outdoor furniture set is in an exposed area, it is a good idea to store those items away too.  High winds can easily lift up a chair and throw it around in your herbaceous border.  The rattan chair will probably suffer no major damage, but you may well break branches of beloved shrubs or worse.  If you are going to put your rattan patio furniture away for the winter, take advantage of the balmy temperatures and give it a blast with a hose down or a wipe down with soapy water before you do.  Won’t it be lovely to have it in good order next time you want to eat in the garden?

Another Aspect To Our Rattan Garden Furniture Care Advice

You may find that your rattan bench is fine where it is.  After all, we often place occasional seating in a sheltered position.  If it is likely that a storms on the way , you have the option of storing it away like the rest of the set, or alternatively, my own preferred option, re-siting it somewhere where you’ll actually use it in the colder months.  For me, this means moving a rattan bench to near the back door – great for a cup of coffee with a friend after a long, muddy dog walk.  As the leaves fall from the trees, and the sun is lower in the sky, different parts of the garden may catch the morning sun.  Think about that when you are moving garden furniture around.  If you are a keen gardener, you may want to have somewhere to sit near the veg patch, so you can catch your breath and munch on a chocolate digestive over a cuppa.

Secure Trampolines And Goal Nets

Other garden items that may need to be stored away to prevent storm damage are pretty obvious really.  Anything that is unusually large or light.  In my own garden, this means going to the trouble of removing the safety nets from the trampoline.  Over the years, we’ve watched the trampoline tumble around all over the place, bending expensive parts of the framework in the process.  It’s simply not worth putting off a job like this – a little bit of effort will protect your property and save time and money in the long run.   I’m also going to need to move the football goals to prop them up against a wall where they will be sheltered.  The frames of these can buckle so easily.

So follow these tips and you will have passed our rattan garden furniture care program!




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