Rattan Garden Furniture Guide – Why Should I Buy Woven Resin Patio Furniture?

Rattan Garden Furniture Guide

Deciding on which outdoor furniture to buy can be a very challenging task these days and potentially an experience that could leave you out of pocket. This rattan garden furniture guide; this week we decided to put together a list of advantages that will help you decide whether plastic wicker is suitable for your needs.


Synthetic rattan patio furniture is made from a number of artificial materials in order to produce outdoor furnishings that has similar aesthetics to natural wicker but without the substantial cost.

Spend Less Time On Cleaning And More On Having Fun

Natural weave requires more maintenance than the synthetic equivalent and this is one weakness that should be considered carefully by the consumer.  Follow this rattan garden furniture guide to make the right decision. You do not want to spend your precious time maintaining your rattan patio set; surely you want to concentrate on entertaining your friends and family.  Purchase smart! Do not buy something that forces you to be a maintenance slave, please buy a versatile garden product that is pleasing to the eye, that is comfortable and easily cleaned. Clean your woven furniture with a hose down, a process that is quick and effective. Tip – cover your furnishings in the autumn and winter as this will double the life of the product (UVA will eventually breaks down synthetic rattan – our woven products lasts at least 15 years if covered in the colder months).


Resin weave is now known for strength and durability and this is why many people are choosing it over other materials. In this rattan garden furniture guide, we use only refer to grade A polypropylene weave to ensure over 15 years of outside use. Our rattan was tested for a temperature range from +40°C and -40°C and passed.  Our polypropylene is frost proof and will not rot.

Aluminium Framing

We only recommend plastic wicker outdoor furniture with aluminium frames because otherwise the sub-structure will deteriorate because of metal fatigue and rusting. Low cost metal alloy is often used to manufacture cheap garden furniture, so this must be checked.


The reason that rattan furniture has become so popular is because it can be woven into so many different shapes, styles and designs. It is also available in a plethora of colours.


Synthetic materials are not always harmful to the environment. Although this is usually the exception rather than the rule, our synthetic rattan furniture is made from polypropylene fibres which are made within international environmental standards. It does not contain any toxic substances or harmful plasticizers, it does not pose any threat of pollution when recycled.

No Assembly Required

When we interviewed potntial buyers for this rattan garden furniture guide it was clear that self assembly was a turn off! Thankfully, Most wicker furniture only needs removing from the box and placing in the garden. So as long as you don’t mind having bulky items delivered, rattan tables and chairs definitely tick that box because most of the furniture available doesn’t require any assembly.


Woven outdoor furniture is lightweight yet exceptionally strong and it can be moved around with hardly any effort.

Weave Thickness

Check out the thickness of the polypropylene twine, if the extruded plastic is very thin it will crack in the sun and cold. Go for thicker weave which will last!


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