Rattan Garden Furniture Trends – Zero Maintenance Patio Furnishings That Are Modular, Contemporary And Comfortable – Wicker Furniture Is Trending Now!

Rattan Garden Furniture Trends– Key Trends For 2015

This week at Rattan Garden Furniture Trends, we’ve been looking ahead planning the rattan range for next summer.  It isn’t as straightforward as you might think – one rattan garden table is most certainly not like every other one.  New products are being developed all the time, and we want our wicker range to reflect current changes in fashion.  It’s a good chance to look around and see what’s new in our outdoor furniture industry industry.  There might be a classy rattan swing seat to replace those seventies style white framed jobs that we all enjoyed sitting in much more than we enjoyed looking at them.

Rattan Garden Furniture Trends – Modular

The trend for rattan garden furniture is growing and there is an increasing range of stylish seating options on the market.  Particularly exciting is the range of informal seating now available.  There are some great modular options and luxurious statement pieces to echo the poolside glamour of those inspirational great hotels of the world.  It might be that you decide to do as we did here; move the family rattan garden table and chairs off the main patio in favour of a relaxed rattan sofa set arranged around a Kensington fire pit and coffee table.  We find we are much more likely to spend a few casual minutes out there than we were to sit at the table.

Rattan Garden Furniture Trends – Garden Table

We choose our range of tables to suit all styles of garden.  Sometimes the customer’s choice is dictated by the size of the garden.  More often it is the size and shape of the patio that determines what is going to ‘feel’ right.  Square patios cry out for circular tables.   Rectangular patios might accommodate an elliptical or rectangular rattan outdoor table more comfortably.    As for size, we need to offer people the ability to scale up on occasions.   After all, many of us use our patio furniture most when we’ve got friends or family over.  These days, with step-children or step-parents becoming almost the norm, there’s a good chance that when your family gathers, there will be six or eight of you.  Perhaps this is why one of our most popular products last summer was the extendable table that takes you from 10-12. We also look at the variety of garden chairs on offer to complement our sets.  Some rattan garden furniture can be bulky and coarsely made.  Our furnishings are clean and elegant with an air of bistro chic.  We know which you would prefer!

Rattan Garden Furniture Trends – Flexible Rattan Products

The key factor people seem to look for is flexibility in their furniture.  We shouldn’t be surprised, this trend has been long been a firm one in interiors.  Inside, space has been a driver and companies like Ikea have led the trend for foldable, storable pieces.  Now, we have the same expectations for outside – as the garden becomes another room in the house.

Rattan Garden Furniture Trends

It’s no longer eccentric to have rattan garden furniture, coloured lights, ornaments and fire pits on your patio.  We want to live outside as much as we do inside.  We want rattan tables that extend; woven chairs that fold; rattan corner sofa sets that are modular and clever rattan cube sets with stools that store underneath.  All these space saving options help make the most of the outside space either because they pack away neatly or because they offer a clean view.  And of course, they offer the best seating solutions when there’s a crowd.


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