Rattan Mixing and Matching

Rattan Mixing and Matching

The joy of rattan garden furniture is that it is a modern, durable, easy-care material but with its suggestion of the natural world, it is a chameleon when it comes to decorative schemes’ (Rattan Mixing and Matching).  A rattan patio set looks very smart, but rattan comes into its own when you mix and match it with other materials.  Think of it a bit like a Turkish carpet – one of those wonderful rugs that seem to enhance any decorative scheme; full of pattern and interest, but never striking a discordant note by drawing too much attention to itself.

Rattan Mixing and Matching – Garden Chairs Will Go With Anything

If you have a cherished wooden table which is something of a statement piece, it may be that you want to refresh the seating option to go with it.  Perhaps your original chairs have not stood the test of time as well as the garden table.  Perhaps it is merely that you want to refresh your outdoor garden furniture by injecting a bit of modern fashion.  Either way, rattan outdoor furniture offers you great value for money, bags of style and a very low maintenance product.

Rattan Mixing and Matching – Great With Wood

To my eye, nothing looks better than a really classy old wooden teak outdoor table with some sleek rattan garden chairs.   This gives a hint of colonial style while providing great comfort for your guests.  Far better than distracting from the wood with more wood which is likely to clash rather than compliment.  And somehow, rattan’s natural look sits more easily against wood than metal chairs might do.

Rattan Mixing and Matching – Holding Its Own With Mixed Media

For the trendy among you, if you fancy one of the currently fashionable tables in mixed media – such as wood with an aluminium frame, or a glass and metal combination, the rattan seating choice is still one of the best.  Rattan chairs won’t distract from the statement table but offer many advantages over other options.

Mix in a bit of rattan garden furniture whatever you opt for.  This will give you a more individual look and add interest to your personal style.


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