Rattan Patio Furniture – why is it everywhere, why is it so popular, where did all the wood go?

Rattan Patio Furniture Everywhere!

Tell me, just when did the world go mad for rattan patio furniture?  The chances are that if you’ve dropped into your local bistro lately, had an over-priced cappuccino on the high street or grabbed a pint at the local pub, you’ve been sitting on a rattan garden chair.

Is it the hotels’ fault?

Boutique hotels have long been the arbiter of what goes for good taste in the bedroom.  We’ve all come to expect our own beds to be covered in acres of white bedclothes with tasteful touches of suede here and there.  And we have all bought into the recreation of spa-like spaces in the bathroom, from wet rooms and bowl sinks, to candles and under floor heating.  It is no surprise then that they have also had a great impact on what we want to sit on in the garden. We have actually supplied many hotels and restaurants in the last few years with rattan patio furniture.


If you caught any of the auditions for the X-Factor recently – the ones where Cheryl and Simon loll around in exotic locations, with a glimmering sea in the background, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that they always have their buttocks comfortably ensconced on rattan patio furniture.  They sink back into their tasteful taupe cushions, chilled glass in hand, the very image of stylish outdoor living.  It’s this sense of luxury and urban chic that drives the trend.

Rattan Patio Furniture Features

Practicalities really don’t have that much to do with it. The fact that rattan is always warm to the touch is a bonus, of course.  And hotels and restaurants like it because it is so durable and low in maintenance.  Modern woven rattan is designed to withstand a severe temperature range.  The sun doesn’t bleach it or dry it out as it does wood.  The cold and damp simply run off it and it is ideal in salt water areas since the effects of the seaside air are easily repelled.    Snow and freezing temperatures will not damage the surface – in fact it is the perfect all year round patio furniture product.  I suppose then, you could argue that it was the practicality of the new material that drove the hospitality industry’s enthusiasm when it first came on the market, and that that in turn made it the must-have product for yummy mummies and hipsters alike.

Adaptability Of Rattan Patio Furniture

The very versatility of the rattan material fits the current mood too.  It can be woven into any shape required.  It’s great for curvy sexy lines and equally at home in chunky cubes.  Inside our homes, our lounge furniture has gone modular as we all aspire to loft living.  The modular rattan corner sofa unit has even reached the budget furniture warehouses as the trend goes nationwide.  Take a look around a trendy friend’s patio and they are sure to have an outdoor wicker sofa set that mirrors the one inside.  Throw in a fire pit and some twinkly tree lights and you’re living the dream.  All you need now is some dreadful diva wannabe serenading you with a Whitney Houston number and you can live like Cheryl too!


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