Rattan Sofa Sets

Rattan Sofa Sets

Our rattan sofa sets are modern, sleek and practical for a contemporary look – perfect for the patio or garden!

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Rattan Sofa Sets From Us:

  • The most competitive prices on the net!
  • Our aluminium frames are not bolted, we weld them together.
  • We give up to a 10 year guarantee.
  • We have been dealing in garden furniture for over 25 years!
  • As standard, we offer free delivery in England & Wales.
  • Our rattan weave is UV protected.
  • Our rattan is easily cleaned with soapy water and a hose.
  • Our rattan sofa sets are maintenance free.
  • We seal the chair/table legs with aluminium caps.
  • Our aluminium frames do not rust!

What are rattan sofa sets made from?

Also known as resin weave or woven wicker, rattan furniture is basically extruded polypropylene fibre, woven onto a metal garden furniture frame. Polypropylene was first used in the 1980s in the outdoor patio furniture industry to manufacture stacking resin chairs and plastic garden tables.

Rattan Sofa Sets – Attributes

  • powder coated aluminium frames (be careful – a lot of rattan furniture on the market has steel frames that rust)
  • grade A polypropylene – tested to +40°c and -40°c
  • aluminium and polypropylene will not rust
  • easily cleaned with soapy water and a hose down
  • tempered glass table tops
  • little maintenance
  • no annual sanding or oiling
  • ultra violet resistant
  • our rattan sofa sets are light but strong
  • polished aluminium leg cap to stop unravelling
  • Outside Edge rattan outdoor cushions are high quality 230 gram polyester fabric, fully fire retardant to British Standard 5852 part1
  • the fabric is colour fast to level 6 and the fillings are 100% polyester fibre allowing water to pass through without damage
  • all outdoor cushions are zipped to allow washing at 30°c.

Optimal Approaches to Cleaning Rattan Sofa Sets

Your furniture will last if you clean it thoroughly.

‘Last year, we purchased rattan-style seats. Over the winter, we stored it in the shed. It now looks grubby. What is the best way to clean it?’

Synthetic rattan furniture is an ideal option since it’s strong and simple to maintain. Thorough sanitation a couple of times yearly will maintain its good looks.

Begin by using a stiff brush across the surfaces to loosen and purge caked-on grime, like moss or mud. This will penetrate the rattan’s strands. However, don’t go overboard or the finish might get damaged. Afterward, suck up loosened dust and dirt across the item’s surface with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Once you finish doing that, add a moderate amount of regular cleaning liquid to a big bucket of mild water. Refrain from using cleaners that contain scouring agents or bleach, since they can result in small cracks in the furniture’s plastic threads, which will invite dirt.

Wipe rattan sofa sets surfaces with the detergent solution using a soft cloth or sponge, and thoroughly go over truly grubby spots. Allow it to soak for a couple of minutes before using cold water to rinse the whole item. You can do this using your garden hose’s mild spray setting. Refrain from using any kind of pressure-washer since they can hurt your furniture’s finish.

After it’s been properly rinsed, flip the pieces over and allow it to dry in the sun naturally. Use a specialty cleaner for any lingering stubborn stains.

Rattan Sofa Sets & Space Saving

Want more space in your household? We tend to optimize our living spaces as much as we can and regularly seek out new and creative approaches to making our rooms appear bigger (while creating more space to store more items in the process).

We understand how hard it is to balance both intentions, but perhaps we’ve neglected the home’s most under-the-radar asset.

Exterior space is a wonderful extra to all homes, and it’s also very versatile, according to Sophie Anderson, an interior designer. She claims that gardens are ideal for allowing kids to burn energy and growing vegetables, while balconies are great for growing herbs and alfresco dining.

It’s a great feeling to sit inside on a cozy sofa with a good book after a long day. However, think about doing the same thing under the sun!

Exterior furniture has come quite far from cumbersome folding chairs and plastic sun loungers. Thank goodness they have – would you sit on those things indoors? Probably not. Why do so in your backyard?

A popular product for the outdoors is synthetic rattan seating. Elegant, thick cushions sit above hard-wearing (yet gorgeously fashionable) bases. These can be configured to produce customized seating for your garden. Also, the base units are waterproof. If it rains while you’re enjoying the outdoors, all you need to do is cover or store the cushions and come back inside.

rattan sofa sets


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