Recycling Metal Garden Furniture

Recycling Metal Garden Furniture

Recycling metal garden furniture is now a hot topic as it is perfect for melting down for metal re-use.

Gardening guru, Alan Titchmarsh wrote an article that I read recently where he asked us to really think before throwing out the garden trash.

I started thinking about recycling metal garden furniture. If people are buying say a 6 seat rectangular aluminium patio set from us, they probably have an old set that they might want to get rid of.

Due to the bulky size of garden furniture, most people will dispose of it in a skip or have it sent to a local recycling center. Depending on the material wood, metal etc., it will be placed in the appropriate pile.

But, here’s the problem, which applies to garden waste not only garden furniture. Our landfills are filling up quickly

For instance, if the work is a portion of a new patio, the contractor comes in and you might also get them to dispose of your old garden furniture. This might increase your cost because the contractor will have to pay to dispose of the trash.

Recycling Metal Garden Furniture Methods

Are there any alternatives for recycling metal garden furniture?

Can it be re-purposed and refurbished to look like new? Is it still in fairly good condition? How about selling it on Gumtree or eBay?

I’m never surprised about the things people buy. People have bought used paving slabs, old sinks and even an old front door that had paint peeling off.

The Re-Use Furniture Charity is a charitable alternative. They will help you find local charities that can make use of your old furniture.

Over 10 million household items are delivered to landfills annually as per FRN. At least 3 million of these could be repurposed by people in crisis situations.

They help over 200 re-use charities that have people in crisis, while, at the same time, minimizing waste. Can those old wicker garden chairs be cleaned-up and reused rather than throwing in a skip?

Be sure to check with local charities before throwing out that unwanted furniture. It is a win-win for everyone.

There are new websites where you can donate your unwanted garden furniture for free.

I haven’t used them personally, but if you have unwanted furniture, they’ll help you find a charity that could use it, for free! Something like Tinder I suppose, but for old furniture.

You will generate trash anytime you do garden or home improvements and it is vital to dispose of that trash in the proper way.

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Since that old garden bench is useless as a seat, the wood could be sanded and repurposed.

Recycling Metal Garden Furniture – Networking

Post it on your social networks and ask friends to share it. I used Facebook to sell a gas BBQ that was old and rusty in less than 1 hour. It was still functional, but not a pretty sight and since we were moving I didn’t want to drag it with us. Someone will be more than happy to spruce it up with a new paint job.

A new coat of paint when recycling metal garden furniture can bring it back to life. That one thing can make a huge difference to your wood or metal garden furniture is a new paint job.

The harsh elements might make the furniture’s surface look like it should be landfill-bound, but with a bit of elbow grease, you can make it look new again.

If there is no bringing it back, just take it to the closest recycling centre. Call your local council to see if they provide collection services if the old patio furniture is too big to fit into your car.

They will pick up the items from the front of your property for about £10-15. Be sure to get the details for your area because every council is different.

Check out recycling websites for some useful tips. These websites can be very useful in locating the recycling services that is closest to you that will also collect old garden furniture items.

Nowadays it is beneficial to pay a bit more attention to recycling metal garden furniture.



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