Right Move Anyone?

I have been looking at a lot of properties recently – and the fact is that while I write this blog, I’m thinking about property websites and fighting the urge to cruise them.   The rules for selling your house in the twenty-first century are quite clear.  Yes, you want to dress the rooms, but clear away the clutter.  Yes, you need to freshen up the paintwork.  Yes, you need to tidy up the garden and pay attention to the flowerbeds.  What’s immediately apparent in both glossy brochures and online is that step away from the rules and your house just can’t compete.  As a potential buyer, you end up reviewing the seller’s lack of sales agency skills rather than the bricks and mortar.

It’s a truism that an empty room does nobody any favours.  And the same goes for the outside.  An empty patio looks unfriendly and uninviting.  It’s amazing to me how many people present their gardens in this barren state.  Just as you should dress the dining room, you need to furnish your patio.  You don’t need to go overboard – a nice maintenance free aluminium garden table and chairs will be no bother, but it will create an atmosphere, hinting of the good times to be had.  An artfully placed metal bistro set will draw the eye towards an attractive garden furniture feature, or distract from something less appealing.  And nothing invites the eye like a well placed metal garden bench.

So, if you are selling up, don’t pack away the patio furniture too soon.  It might just get you the house (and garden) of your dreams.

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