Sofa Patio Sets In Aluminium

Sofa Patio Sets In Aluminium

Sofa Patio Sets & 10 Reasons why you should buy from us:

  • Our sofa patio sets are not flat packed, they are delivered assembled.
  • Our chairs are not bolted, we weld them together.
  • We offer up to a 10 year guarantee.
  • We have been dealing in sofa patio sets for over 25 years!
  • As standard, we offer free delivery in England & Wales.
  • Cast aluminium cannot rust, it is robust and permanent.
  • Our high quality powder coating lasts.
  • Our metal garden furniture is maintenance free.
  • Many of our chairs are now made in the UK.
  • We do not deliver flat packed chairs that will not stack!

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Sofa Patio Sets – Powder Coating & Aluminium

Our high quality powder coating means that sofa patio sets can be left outside for several years before re-painting has to be considered. Aluminium does not rust like cast iron, so our metal garden furniture is totally maintenance free. Wash with soapy water and a hose.

Sofa Patio Sets – Cushions

The  thick seat cushions are zipped so that the covers can be removed for washing.

Sofa Patio Sets Buying Tips 

When you view different metal patio furniture sites make sure that you check the size of the table, are the table legs thin, is the table top flimsy? Is the chair smaller or lighter, what’s the weight of the furniture, can the cushions be washed, do the chairs arrive flat packed, do the chairs stack, how long is the guarantee?

Make sure that the aluminium is powder coated using A grade outdoor paint and that the aluminium is not recycled. Reclaimed aluminium often contains impurities which can lead to metal fatigue and then structural failure. Also our aluminium furniture is structurally guaranteed up to an incredible 10 years! Please click here to learn about our superior production process. Our aluminium sofa patio sets require no home assembly.

Why buy Sofa Patio Sets online?

Do you think the great prices at Outside Edge are why people shop at our site? I use to think so myself, but it is nowhere near the full story.

The reason why people choose to shop on the world wide web, instead of at the regular brick-and-mortar store, is for product selection and quick delivery; both being more important than cost as as a motivation.

This is no accident, this is why Amazon is heavily invested in fulfillment centres and why they expand their warehouse staff dramatically before Christmas and why a service like Prime is marketed so aggressively. The idea is to have more stock and to ship it to you as fast as possible, next day delivery if possible. Just wait until they introduce drone delivery!

So why should you buy Sofa Patio Sets online?

Convenience is probably the most obvious reason for shopping online. We can find exactly what we want in just a few clicks and you can do that while sipping a cup of tea on the garden sofa set.

If you hate crowds, trying to find parking or waiting in long lines, then online shopping is for you. It’s the easiest and most stress-free way to do shopping. And now you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get this heavy, bulky piece of garden furniture to fit in your car. Whatever you are shopping for will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Of course, you won’t be able to try things out or touch them like if you are shopping for food, for instance, you won’t be able to select the best-looking bunch of bananas. But, the convenience of easy returns counters that fear. Suppose that piece of clothing you bought online didn’t fit, you can send it back free of charge. As far as I’m concerned the positives are much better than the negatives.

So what about big ticket items like metal garden furniture, you would want to touch it and sit in it before buying it right? We include extensive details in the pictures on our website, so you get a really good idea of what you will be buying.

When you combine that with samples of metal and fabric, the articles on aluminium casting production methods, videos, customer photos and testimonials and detailed technical information, you will get a pretty good idea of our products. We stand by the quality of our patio furniture and we know your expectations will be exceeded.

Sofa Patio Sets


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