Spring Clean … the Patio!

Spring Clean

Cleaning is in the air making it the perfect time to spring clean your patio. That way when the sun shines and folks come round, you are in a position to make the most of your outside space.

Spring Clean – Jet Wash

The principles of patio-work as opposed to house-work are the same. Sweep up the debris, then wash off stubborn marks. By which I mean, sweep up any leaves that have collected in corners, before having a good blast with the hose down to sort out any algae. Even if you prefer a lived-in look, it is worth removing moss and algae from caramel every now and then, if only to ensure prevent any accidents.   Green paths can be surprisingly slippery.

Spring Clean – Dust off your Garden Furniture

If you’ve followed our instructions and have put your outdoor furniture away properly, you should only need to give it a quick dust off the get the aluminium garden furniture gleaming in the sun. It might be a bit early to get the cushions out but have a quick check on them to make sure no small rodent has been nibbling away at them. Likewise the parasol, it’s always worth getting that opened up after a while in storage, you’d be amazed at the insect life that likes to take up residence inside a parasol.

Spring Clean – Refresh Containers

Spring bulbs make ideal plants for containers – and anything from a small glazed pot of hyacinths to set off the metal garden table, to a majestic urn of tulips will add drama and life to your outside space. After all, patios are usually very visible from inside your house so you should pay as much attention to their visual appeal as you do to interior design.

Spring Clean – Invest in Accessories

Think about garden lighting (solar powered ) and the more traditional ways of shedding light outside such as candles and tea lights. There are lanterns and tea light holders to suit every taste and budget. If you buy with a theme in mind – perhaps all glass and chrome, rusty red for a more retro feel, or pastel woodwork – you can create an entire mood for your outdoor space with very little expenditure. Think about what is going to work with your patio furniture since that is the dominant element in any garden space.


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