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Outdoor Hygge – What’s it all about?

Outdoor Hygge Outdoor Hygge has become a buzzword in the past year. It is a Danish word which translates to making moments in life special, comfortable and memorable. This concept is going from the indoors to the outdoors in our gardens and patios. To achieve outdoor hygge only requires a few...

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Metal Dining Garden Furniture And Patio Size

What Size Of Metal Dining Garden Furniture Should You Buy? This is how to figure out the size and proportion of your metal dining garden furniture to the dimensions of your patio. The size and scale of your garden furniture will ultimately be determined by the architectural dimensions of the...

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How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully We can help you mix the interior of your home with your garden seamlessly. This is a terrific method to make your interior living space much larger, more contemporary, and extra vibrant. The following suggestions will help allure eyes to your garden and...

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Using Structure in the Garden

Using Structure in the Garden Any garden design worth its salt looks just as good, if not better, in the dormant autumn and winter months.  As the leaves drop off the trees, it is the shape of branches and dried seed heads that come to the fore.  A few dried...

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Painted Wood Garden Furniture

Painted Wood They do say that there is nothing new under the sun and that fashion repeats itself.  Well, good news for the thrifty among us – or those of you who never did get on the cast aluminium garden furniture let alone rattan bandwagon, wood is making its comeback...

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Plant Theatres

Plant Theatres It’s not often that I come across a new term in the cosy little world of metal garden furniture, but I was flicking through the lovely new Sarah Raven catalogue last night, ogling the tulips and dreaming of drifts of alliums, when I came across a section entitled...

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Fabric Hammocks – What’s not to like?

Fabric Hammocks – What’s not to like? Sometimes even purveyors of metal garden furniture like ourselves want something a little different.  And every garden should have a hammock.  More than any other piece of aluminium garden furniture, a hammock gives off a relaxing vibe adding colour and balance to any...

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a real explosion in options for the outdoor dining experience.  No longer is it enough to have a lovely metal garden table and chairs, with cushions and a parasol to match.   These days however the aspirational outdoor experience includes an...

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Rhododendrons  The flowering season for rhodies is a little late this year so plenty of time to plan a visit to see them at their best, if you don’t grow them at home.  Few who have marvelled at these plants when they are in full show would have any idea...

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