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Metal Dining Garden Furniture And Patio Size

What Size Of Metal Dining Garden Furniture Should You Buy? This is how to figure out the size and proportion of your metal dining garden furniture to the dimensions of your patio. The size and scale of your garden furniture will ultimately be determined by the architectural dimensions of the...

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Corner Garden Dining Sets

Corner Garden Dining Sets, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? The latest trend in outdoor furniture continues our love affair with modular seating and transformative garden products.  The latest new designs take the idea of a casual outdoor sofa and take it to the next level, offering you not only a...

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Innovations on the Patio

Innovations on the Patio The metal  garden furniture business may well be a conservative one but that doesn’t mean that we never have new exciting products coming through.  It is certainly true that fashions come and go – these days most outdoor dining sets are cast aluminium or rattan.  However,...

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Metal Garden Furniture Cushions

Metal Garden Furniture Cushions So you want some new outdoor furniture… Seems like the choices are endless – from the material – will it be rattan, wood or aluminium; to the size and shape of the set – are you looking for a circular patio set for six or an...

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Another happy rattan garden furniture customer!

Grey Rattan Sofa Set – Case History – Customer Experience Miss Hutchings From time to time, we like to illustrate how we can work with clients to find solutions to their particular garden furniture needs.  Grey Rattan Sofa Set – We love to hear from anyone who is having difficulty tracking...

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Boxing Clever – Garden Furniture Storage Solutions

Garden Furniture Storage – Boxing Clever  A couple of weeks ago we were at one of the old, traditional country shows which used to be the best way to showcase outdoor furniture in the days before the World Wide Web.  Sitting back in the odd quiet moment, enjoying a few...

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The Cream of the Crop

Black Metal Garden Furniture – We have a new range of black outdoor furniture! Painted black metal garden furniture is having something of a moment.  For years, slightly ornate aluminium garden furniture has been consigned to the sun terraces of slightly old fashioned country house hotels and Miss Marple style...

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Climbers for the Patio – the what

The best garden furniture in the world won’t look anything special unless you’ve thought carefully about its setting. Patios can look very sterile and uninviting despite luxurious deep filled cushions and state-of-the-art cast aluminium patio furniture. Climbing plants are a tremendous asset for the patio dweller – by their nature;...

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April Jobs

April Jobs April Jobs – Are we the only people to have actually used our outdoor garden furniture so far this year? April Jobs -Surely not ! We may be outdoor furniture obsessed, but the weather’s been fabulous, and we’ve enjoyed a spot of al fresco dining on more than...

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