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Why Aluminium Garden Furniture ?

Why Aluminium Garden Furniture? This is why aluminium garden furniture is the only choice! When you are looking to create the ideal garden and patio for your perfect oasis, you will also have to consider the best garden furniture for your space. And, of course, we recommend you buy aluminium...

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Cast Metal Garden Furniture – Care Advice

How To Maintain Cast Metal Garden Furniture It is important to care and maintain your cast metal garden furniture from Outside Edge, or from any another reputable aluminium manufacturer. Your investment in our metal patio furniture is one you should enjoy for many summers, not just for a couple of...

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Garden Furniture Preparation Advice

Garden Furniture Preparation For Summer Good garden furniture preparation performed in the autumn will be an advantage soon.  Although it has been cold, wet and windy, the winter was relatively mild and there wasn’t too much snow. Spring is now officially here, at least from the weatherman’s perspective, even if...

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Garden Furniture Advice

Garden Furniture Advice – What Garden Furniture Should I Buy? When it involves choosing patio tables and chairs, or garden furniture, it is paramount to bear in mind that it will most likely be left outside in all weather conditions, so it needs to be able to withstand severe adjustments...

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