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Woven Synthetic Rattan

Woven Synthetic Rattan Woven synthetic rattan could have easily been lumped in with Plastic/PVC, however, because of its popularity as a patio furniture material, I thought it should get its own section. Woven synthetic rattan has a style that is unique too. Woven synthetic rattan keeps most of the advantages...

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Rattan Mixing and Matching

Rattan Mixing and Matching The joy of rattan garden furniture is that it is a modern, durable, easy-care material but with its suggestion of the natural world, it is a chameleon when it comes to decorative schemes’ (Rattan Mixing and Matching).  A rattan patio set looks very smart, but rattan...

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Another happy rattan garden furniture customer!

Grey Rattan Sofa Set – Case History – Customer Experience Miss Hutchings From time to time, we like to illustrate how we can work with clients to find solutions to their particular garden furniture needs.  Grey Rattan Sofa Set – We love to hear from anyone who is having difficulty tracking...

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Boxing Clever – Garden Furniture Storage Solutions

Garden Furniture Storage – Boxing Clever  A couple of weeks ago we were at one of the old, traditional country shows which used to be the best way to showcase outdoor furniture in the days before the World Wide Web.  Sitting back in the odd quiet moment, enjoying a few...

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Garden Furniture Sale

Garden Furniture Sale – Bagging A Bargain It might seem incongruous to shop for garden furniture in January, but if you hunt around there are bargains to be had.  The same rules apply as for any sale shopping; follow these few guidelines and you won’t go far wrong with a...

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Rattan Garden Furniture Trends – Zero Maintenance Patio Furnishings That Are Modular, Contemporary And Comfortable – Wicker Furniture Is Trending Now!

Rattan Garden Furniture Trends– Key Trends For 2015 This week at Rattan Garden Furniture Trends, we’ve been looking ahead planning the rattan range for next summer.  It isn’t as straightforward as you might think – one rattan garden table is most certainly not like every other one.  New products are being developed...

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