The Best Way To Buy Metal Garden Furniture

The Best Way To Buy Metal Garden Furniture

The best way to buy metal garden furniture as a long-term investment could be tricky; making the correct decision needs a little research and guidance. Our outdoor furniture industry has gone through major product innovation over the past decade and as a result, there have been numerous new product styles and materials. Picking the right patio furniture set is now more challenging than ever. Customers have told us they have not replaced their old tired furniture because of the huge selection and they are afraid of throwing away their money. They often ask what the best way to buy metal garden furniture?

As a result, Outside Edge is here to share our experience by providing regular buying advice that will help you make the right decision for your new aluminium garden furniture. And no we will not just promote Outside Edge garden furniture, ok just a little. But, we do not actually have to do that since the quality speaks for itself. Visit our testimonials to see how our customers love our metal garden furniture, especially our Kensington fire pit and ice range.

Our objective is to educate our customers so they can make the right decision for their purposes. Which garden furniture set will fit their family lifestyle? How do you plan to use your outdoor space? We are here to help.

Our recent blog post outlined how to optimise your garden or patio space, and how to pick the best size patio furniture for your area. By measuring carefully and choosing the proper sized pieces for your space, you’ll buy the correct garden furniture that you will actually use. This is a follow up to our post in ‘How to get the most from new outdoor furniture’ and provides a bit more data on the best way to buy metal garden furniture. We will now go into a bit more detail on what we covered in that post and how you can choose the proper material, style and size.

The Best Way To Buy Metal Garden Furniture And Quality

We addressed this in the very first paragraph of the post last month. The important phrase is a long-term investment. Purchasing new quality outdoor furniture is not cheap; therefore it is important to get the best value for your money. Premium material like cast aluminium costs more, but if the manufacturing is shoddy or there is poor quality control from the factory, then you might be wasting your money on metal garden furniture that will not withstand the harsh British weather.

If the welding is bad or the paint is not applied properly, you will quickly see the value of that cheap all-weather set from the DIY superstore. Many of us buy garden furniture as an afterthought and it is not treated as important as say buying a dining table or a new sofa. But, the opposite approach should be used. The furniture we choose for our conservatories or patios actually has to withstand harsher conditions. Not only does it have to stand up to mother nature, it also has to withstand daily wear and tear. You also have to consider the UV rays from the sun, rain, wind and bird droppings that the patio furniture will have to withstand.

You have to be even more vigilant when buying from an online store like ours. It is a risk to make such an expensive purchase without being able to touch the product. The advantage our online store has is the dramatically reduced overheads compared to the high street stores. Our quality can be higher and our prices are usually much more competitive.

If you see a price that is too good to be true, always ask yourself why? Want proof of our quality products and service? Check out our customer reviews. We also provide free sample fabrics and metal swatches. If you are unhappy with your purchase from Outside Edge, give us a call within 7 days of your initial purchase. You have the option of returning the products to us at your own cost or we can collect it for a fee that would be deducted from the refund. Obviously if the products are faulty, which is unlikely by the way, there is no collection charge.

Refunds are issued once we have inspected the product for damage and within 7 days of purchase. If there is any damage to the product whilst it is being returned, we have the right to withhold part or all of the refund. If there are any problems at all, please contact our customer service department at 01582 840 717 and we’ll help in any way we can. Check out our terms and conditions web page for more details on our return policy.

When purchasing new outdoor furniture, you need to carefully inspect it if you bought it from a store or from an online supplier. Pieces that are painted should have a uniform finish without any blemishes or pitting. Although timber is a natural material, it should be smooth to the touch and any finishes should be evenly applied. Take a look at the areas that are not often seen like the underside of tables and chairs, since this is where costs might be cut.

The best way to buy metal garden furniture is always to go with aluminium outdoor furniture that is durable and easy to maintain, which will guarantee a long lifespan. Joints should be well fitted and secure. All parts and fixings should be well constructed. All welding has to be of the highest quality and painted areas shouldn’t have any chips, scratches or discolouration. Table and chair legs have to be sturdy and should never wobble unless the floor is uneven.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on our furniture (from manufacturing or design damage) to our valued customers in an effort to keep up our high standards and to build trust with our customer-centric company.



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