The Week the Clocks Go Forward

The Week the Clocks Go Forward

The Week the Clocks Go Forward – While it might have been a bit of a shock to the system to lose that hour at the weekend, spring is most definitely coming on apace. I always feel that putting the clocks forward is the real marker of the gardener’s spring; it may start officially at the beginning of March, but we all know it rarely feels spring-like by then. Now however, we hardly need any further incentive to get outside and make ready for the months ahead.

The Week the Clocks Go Forward – In the office

The phone has started to ring steadily so I know we’re not alone in beginning to want to get the garden ship-shape for warmer weather.

In reality, for most of us, this means giving the patio a quick spruce up; getting rid of those autumn leaves that still seem to gather in every nook and cranny when the weather is blustery and perhaps hose downing away any algae. I confess to liking a bit of a green tinge to my caramel, but even I realize that unless you keep on top of it, the patio can end up like an ice-rink when it rains. Give it a blast now and things can return to a natural weathered look before you spend too much time outside.

The Week the Clocks Go Forward – It’s time to drag out your rattan sofa sets too.

If you have a wooden set, no doubt you have stored it away under a purpose made canvas garden furniture cover for the winter. If you have left your aluminium outdoor dining set outdoors since the weather won’t have affected it, it could probably do with a wipe down and dust off. Likewise, if you plumped for rattan, you will have been able to leave it be with no adverse effects.

Dig out the parasol and open it up to check for hibernating insects or mice! If you stored it upright, under a parasol cover, it will be as good as new again this year. Time too, to put the rest of your outdoor furniture in situ which gives you an ideal opportunity to freshen up your seating arrangements.   Is the garden table in the best possible place? Perhaps what works for spring, doesn’t work for summer, and you should move it again in due course. We keep an aluminium outdoor table very close to the kitchen garden in spring where it catches the sun. Later in the year, the trees block sunshine from this area so we move the table again.

The Week the Clocks Go Forward – Containers and Pots

This is the perfect time to attend to your containers and give the plants a bit of a tidy up. Top dress any shrubs you have in pots, but don’t get seduced by the garden centres into buying any tender plants yet. The temperature can still drop dramatically at night. If you’ve planned ahead, and have muscari, daffodils or muscari in planters, make sure you display them to their best advantage. A show of spring bulbs can do wonders for the appearance of the patio!


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