This is what we do!

This is what we do!

In the 18th century, during the industrial revolution, metal garden furniture was used in the English garden. At that time, chairs and tables were cast iron until in the 1950s when aluminum became available and began to replace iron. And even though aluminum was more expensive, its quality and beauty was a major consideration than cost. Well-treated aluminum does not rust; it is lighter than iron and is always looking new with or without maintenance, which makes it a better component for furniture making.

Outside Edge started the fabrication of the finest quality of aluminum furniture in 2015 at their foundry in Lancashire. Our access to foundries producing top quality aluminum alloys avails us to produce high quality aluminium furniture for all seasons.

Aluminum comes with enormous advantages; it comes in different alloys to give you varieties of furniture design; although the quality of aluminum furniture is determined by material weight and finishing. Outside Edge has a special technique it applies to produce the finest quality aluminum chairs and tables, which makes it last for generations and for this reason, no customer has ever regretted buying the furniture.

The Outside Edge Furniture Business

The company has been making the finest and innovative garden sets for more than 4 decades. We are a  family business and specialize in handmade aluminum furniture, with happy customers located around the world.

The Aluminum Casting Process

To produce quality aluminum products it takes creativity, skill and patience. A die cast mold is constructed, molten metal is prepared and poured in to the mold and left to cool. After the casting has cooled, the aluminum casting is ready for workmanship, to shape and weld the casting pieces together with other pieces of aluminium to give the desired shapes, ready for powder coating in the UK.

The coating process is impressive, it applies electrostatic method to ensure a perfect finish which is then completed in an high temperature oven making it ready for customer.

Maintaining Outside Edge Furniture

The furniture is easy to maintain, ensuring it remains beautiful and retains its originality to give the owner, a sense of pride and joy of seeing the chairs and tables looking new, as they lie in the garden strong and durable.

You can clean the exposed metal areas with pieces of cloth without soap and if you feel like using soap, make it a car washing grade to maintain the paint’s quality.

As for the fabrics care, take care to dust off any gathering of food bits and crumbs and you can do this using brush.

When cleaning, remember to pay attention to cushion joints, to free the areas of dirt. It is best to remove stain on fabrics with caution, using soap and water on the affected area leave time for drying before storing.

Why is Outside Edge Furniture Different?

The secret to why our metal garden products last for generations is due mainly to three things:

Quality of materials:

The materials Outside Edge used in the production include

  • High-grade aluminum
  • High quality coating for finishing
  • Fabrics are high grade fabrics that will sustain its quality even in extreme weather condition
  • Paints are high grade architectural polyester powder paint

Strict Production Process

We never compromise on production quality and care is taken to go through every process to ensure quality.

  • Sourcing of best grade aluminum alloys
  • Casting process to build a furniture frame that lasts
  • Careful welding to give the right shape and quality to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Choice of fabric, coats, paints and baking of the paint to ensure longevity
  • Carefully applying customer’s choice of color for uniqueness
  • The methods of finishing that uses electrostatic method to apply the paint powder

People Using Outside Edge Furniture

If you frequent hotels, sports arenas and restaurants, you are likely to have seen Outside Edge furniture in use. Our customers include hotels, restaurants, clubs etc., they use the furniture both outdoors and indoors. The furniture is strong, all weather resilient and maintenance free.

Here is what a customer has to say:

Like any customers, I did my homework before I decided to purchase Outside Edge furniture… I was initially doubtful of the claim and other buyers rating I saw in their site. Thus I asked for a sample, which they sent and was delivered couple of days, after which the British winter sets in and dragged on for some time, making me unable to place an order until months later.

I requested my first order after the winter and got it faster than usual, compared to my previous experience from other furniture companies, and with the quality furniture I received, I decided to place more orders for my garden and have since been buying from Outside Edge Furniture till date. I am happy I found them to supply my furniture needs.

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