Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design

Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design

Sometimes all you need to refresh your outdoor living space is a splash of colour or hint of pattern – Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design. This is most easily and cheaply achieved with a bit of fabric. It’s almost sacrilegious to say but sometimes, just sometimes an outdoor dining table is better if it’s covered up!

Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design – Not just a cover up

Just as you can change the mood with a tablecloth inside, when you are dining alfresco you can create the atmosphere you want by picking certain fabrics. Perhaps your wooden garden table has seen better days? Throw over a vintage style embroidered cloth and you are instantly in the territory of Country Living.

Got a bunch of kids coming to eat messy burgers and sticky barbecue sauce? A jolly oilcloth will be just as practical as it is on the kitchen table and get the print right and you’ll be well on the way to creating a child-friendly zone.   Similarly, if you are the proud owner of metal outdoor patio furniture but instead of a chic terrace look, you want to create the impression of Vicarage garden parties, a floral print and some scatter cushions will soften the look.

Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design – Talking of cushions

Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws can really help to personalize your rattan patio furniture. As I’ve already remarked, patterns can be used to create certain effects from vintage to chic or cute.

Our cast aluminium garden chairs come with seat pads but if you want to make the set look really inviting, add in a few scatter cushions here and there. When you are choosing a decorative scheme, pick an accent colour and then go mad with a variety of prints. Current decorating trends are for highly decorative prints, so don’t limit yourself to one. A scheme that mixes florals with checks and stripes will work well.

Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design – Instant updates

For a final flourish, chuck a woollen throw over an outdoor bench or sofa. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a nice picnic rug will do just the job.

Using Fabrics in Outdoor Design – Bunting and deckchairs

If you are serious about adding more colour into your outdoor space, think about a traditional deck chair in a bold stripe or even a hammock. Of course they do look better than they feel, so you won’t want to give up your lovely garden furniture! Less of an investment, but such an easy way to spruce up any outdoor space, is bunting. You don’t have to go hunting for bunting these days – there are loads of options in all sorts of materials.



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