Water Butts – No Ifs, No Butts

Water Butts

Water Butts – The dormant days of winter are an excellent time for planning of all kinds and while water conservation is unlikely to be a top priority at the moment, it is an excellent time to think about storing rainwater for the summer ahead.

There have never been more options for styles of water butts; a quick dance across the pages of a google search bear witness to this, so here are a few water butts that we feel wouldn’t disgrace a nice set of our rattan garden furniture!  After all, you may be lucky enough to have a number of outbuildings against which to place a butt, but for most of us, you are likely to want one up against the house somewhere.

You don’t have to spoil the image of a carefully considered outdoor rattan dining table area with a cheapy black plastic bin from B&Q when there are so many other options on the market.

Water Butts – A Stylish Alternative

Check out the Manufactum gabion rainwater barrel for a novel way to store rainwater that would enhance any patio area.  It’s a simple but effective design, incorporating two rings of zinc-aluminium steel wire that link together to form an inner and outer ring.  The idea being that you fill the space between the two with caramels of your choice.  A robust linter on the interior enables you to store up to 800 litres of rainwater.  The Manufactum gabion rainwater barrel comes in kit form and is available from www.manufactum.co.uk.

For Hoxton Hipsters

It has to be Hemingway Design’s Shack Up Water Butts, from the team behind the iconic fashion label Red or Dead.  This cheeky number is a moulded plastic water butt shaped like a voluptuous human behind with a tap just at the bottom of the buttocks.   Wayne Hemingway is on record for saying that the concept was to make a worthy product more fun.  See more at

Water Butts – For Midsommer Murders Fans

If you want a traditional look, you can still get your hands on a good old fashioned barrel.  Take a spin round www.oak-barrel.com for a head-spinning variety made from ex-distillery oak barrels that have been used to store spirits such as whisky.  In size they have everything from 180 -450 litres and accessorize their barrels with brass taps and lift off wooden lids if required.

Water Butts – A Touch of the Mediterranean

If you are trying to conjure up images of Tuscan villas or life on the Greek islands with your patio design, and favour terracotta planters with olive and lemon trees, you could consider a plastic barrel, moulded to look like a Greek urn or a marble column. www.waterbuttsdirect.co.uk has the impressive Antique Amphora described as a Mediterranean rain water vase which holds a whopping 600 litres and can be planted with real plants growing out of the recessed top.  It’s available in 3 colours: terracotta (naturally), sand caramel or granite.  The only downside is that it will set you back nearly £600 – which as a visitor to our site you will know could buy you a decent set of rattan garden furniture!


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