When the clocks goes back – it’s a reminder to do those last minute jobs before we lose more daylight hours.

When The Clocks Goes Back

If we were in any doubt that autumn 2014 was upon us, when the clocks go back in a couple of weeks should serve as a grim reminder.  We have all been moaning about the wet weather for a few days now and let’s face it, it did come as an awful shock after such a long dry summer, but in those brief interludes when the sun does shine, it’s a great time to get the garden shipshape for the dank dark days ahead.

Store Garden Products Like Garden Furniture

For most of us, this probably means rounding up the stray garden toys, winding up the hose and tucking up the barbecue for the duration.  Regretfully, it’s time to take down your parasols and put away thoughts of alfresco dining for another year.  A word to the wise – do try to store your parasols upright unless you want to find the mice have been at them when you get them out in the spring.  (I speak from personal experience!).  You may well have a parasol cover you can put over it to keep it protected.

When The Clocks Goes Back

Otherwise, somewhere dry or even propped up out of the way should do the trick.  As for the rest of your garden furniture, if you’ve got wooden tables and chairs, ideally you’ll put them in store or at least cover them with a purpose made canvas.  This will stop the algae developing and help keep your furniture looking good for longer.  Ideally, you’ll pick a sunny day and jetwash the whole thing before you think of storing it.

Do make sure it’s all dry before you cover it over though.   It’s always better to put it away clean and dry if you get the chance.  However, if you are anything like me, you won’t get around to the hose down until spring has sprung and people are due round for lunch to sit on it.  In that case, so long as the furniture is dry before storing or covering, you will be looking after your property.

When The Clocks Goes Back

Those with metal garden furniture sets will be able to leave them in situ with no adverse effects.  Rattan sets will also withstand our winter weather, although you might want to tuck it into a sheltered spot if you live in an exposed area.  At our HQ, we’re on the edge of the Chilterns and those gusty winds have even chucked sturdy wooden chairs around in the flower beds as if they were made of cardboard.

The wind travels happily through the gaps in aluminium garden furniture so those chairs aren’t affected.  The aluminium patio furniture that we sell is treated to withstand typical British seasonal temperatures.  This reminds me, for those of you with trampolines, do think about taking down the safety nets when high winds are forecast, for the same reason.  More than once I’ve found my trampoline turned upside down by a gale.

When The Clocks Goes Back

Daylight Saving Time officially ends on Sunday 26th October 2014 when the clocks go back.  Here’s a handy website listing those clock date changes for the years ahead.  You need never be caught out again. Isn’t the world wide web a marvelous thing?


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