Customer Experience And White Garden Furniture

Customer Experience And White Garden Furniture

We’ve been selling white garden furniture for years and years and really enjoy hearing from customers with a specific request that might need our help.  Here’s another example of how we can work with clients to find solutions to their particular outdoor furniture needs.

The Brief:

Mr H got in touch to see if we could help him provide a fitting venue for his daughter’s wedding.  She had set her heart on having the wedding party in the family’s splendid garden and her father wanted to invest in a few new pieces to supplement the existing patio set up.

The Solution:

The family had already got traditional white patio furniture but wanted to be able to offer guests occasional seating.  We suggested they looked at our painted Suffolk Rose range of white aluminium garden furniture.  This is a highly decorative, delicate range great for giving a romantic air.  We often find its classic good looks used to good effect in wedding venues for obvious reasons.

In the end, Mr H purchased 2 small bistro tables and 2 Suffolk Rose occasional benches.  He was pleasantly surprised by how economical these items were, which prompted him to buy a 6-seater set in the same range.  Thus he was able to use some of the chairs from the large table, to go with the smaller bistro tables which were to be scattered around.

The Verdict:

Mr H was thrilled with the flexible seating solution we’d come up with.  This not only offered him white tables and chairs to suit the outdoor summer wedding, but the classic look of this range meant that afterwards, it was easy to employ the tables and benches around his garden to great effect.


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